Everything, …Every. Damn. Thing…, is now Racist


When I read the following headline, I was torn between laughing and crying:

The University of Utah may change Fight Song after Complaints that lyrics are Racist

From the article, it’s apparent that the college is indeed considering this:

Professor Joanna Yaffe said she sees not only sexism in the song but also racism — explaining that a line which states that the school’s “coeds are the fairestcould be interpreted as a reference to skin color.

“I don’t think I’m being hyper-PC, I’m just thinking about not really being included in the song,” Yaffe, an adjunct professor of psychiatry, said in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune.

President David Pershing asserted the college is not taking the students’ recommendations lightly.

“We’re taking it very seriously,” he said.

Really? So a 110-year-old-fight-song is now, suddenly, “Racist”? Good grief, folks: why are we constantly devolving the language to accommodate people who can’t understand what words actually mean? And at a COLLEGE, no less?

So then I started to consider: what, at this point, hasn’t been called racist? And I was left with one pretty simple answer: nothing.

Roughly two minutes spent on Google (hey, I’m willing to do the tough research…) garnered the following examples for me among the millions from which I had to choose:

Again, this is a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of the choices that were available.

Of particular note is that it’s always one side of the political aisle which is accusing everyone in sight of being Racist. And we’ve discussed WHY they do this too many times to count.

So today, as a Public Service, I’m including a handy little chart which you should probably tape-up next to your computer, and maybe even keep another copy in your wallet.

It won’t prevent you (or in the initial example at the top, your School Fight Song) from being accused of being Racist, but at least next time you’ll be able to expect it:



15 responses to “Everything, …Every. Damn. Thing…, is now Racist

  1. ROFLOL excellent flow chart! 😀 Did you create it??

    When I read this one: Your living-room furniture may be Racist … I seriously laughed out loud, had to go and read the article.

    In my living room, stands a piece of art, an almost 4 foot tall black man. It is titled: THE AGE OF AWAKING 1970 BY ALFRED L BAILEY (beings I was telling you about this, I decided to do a quick internet search, I wonder… could this be the man?? http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/1935/ALFRED-L-BAILEY-JR ), wow, interesting. Anyway, he was a friend of my army biological father in the Vietnam war… he hand carved the statue, using a shell casing to knock the circles of the hair, and layers and layers of government issued boot shine to create the black color. It is so beautiful and has so much positive history, even in a not so positive time.

    • Thanks, Teach! And no, I can’t take credit for the flow chart: found it ages ago and have been holding onto it for the right occasion.

      Your statue sounds cool: too bad that merely your ownership of it is probably Racist.
      Now, if you weren’t WHITE, it’d probably be fine….

  2. JTR, since you didn’t mention the bias against women I must surmise you are a sexist. When you write your disagreements with Queen Hillary, I will know your true feelings. You sexist you. 😉

    Great post!

  3. I think you left out mathematics. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “anti-racist mathematics, whatever that is.” There are seriously mainstream published pedagogical materials that provide correct practices on how to teach math cross-culturally, not in the peculiar way those old white men did it. I mean, what if your culture has historically had no concept of zero? What a Eurocentric construct.

    • Great to see you, Duck!
      And I’ve long ago accepted that nothing is outside the realm of potentially being Racist: not even the driest facts and figures are (or will be) exempt.

  4. Guess I am a racist too.

  5. It’s been a mantra ascending to huge heights since the 2008 campaign. I wonder if we can ever get it out of our political and personal speech now. Seems to be permanent.

    • Our biggest protection from it is to (A) confront it and/or call it out, and (B) mock/laugh at the ridiculous extremes they go to with every new accusation.

      When you water anything down, it becomes less toxic. At this rate, the charge of Racism is already virtually meaningless.

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