Pelosi knows the REAL reason why we’re focused on Obama’s numerous scandals…

You’ve felt this way before.

It rises from your gut when you make a cogent, incisive argument in opposition to an aspect of the President’s agenda (Obamacare, for instance), …but the person you are talking with blithely retorts, “Oh, you just can’t stand him ’cause you’re a racist”, or “Why do you hate poor people?”

This person has, out-of-the-blue, attributed the absolute worst motivations to your reasoning, and with no justification other than you disagreed with them.

You know that feeling, right?


It’s the half-shock/half-fury sensation, where you honestly can’t believe someone is that stupid, dishonest or closed-minded that they refuse to acknowledge even the logical basis of your argument. You’ve felt it.


Well, get ready to feel it again. Better yet: this time it’s topped off with an extra-special dash of smarmy, simpering, Grade-A chutzpah:

Really, what can you say about that? THIS is the minority leader of the House of Representatives, not some Congressional newbie who just showed up for Picture Day.

Is she crazy? As scandal after scandal cascades out of the White House: Benghazi, the IRS, the AP, the DOJ, the HHS, and even more from the IRS…. she’s blaming the Republicans? Huh?


The last time I saw such a desperate attempt at deflection and blame-shifting, Johnnie Cochran was defending some retired football player accused of murdering his ex-wife.

Of course, according to Nancy, making such a comparison is merely proof of my trying to change the subject from “jobs”….

Yeah, that’s it.

28 responses to “Pelosi knows the REAL reason why we’re focused on Obama’s numerous scandals…

  1. hatfieldmccoy

    Where is Dorothy and a bucket of water when you really need her?

  2. I would say that he is undermining himself. Nancy, the only thing he’s been great at is Vacations!
    I think they sucked her brain out the last time she had Botox, assuming she had a brain to start with. Scandals happen to all presidents, these just seem to keep piling up. The biggest one also cost four Americans their lives.

    He’s just setting up the pins and we’re knocking them down.

    • We need to keep at it, Blaine. Still early in this whole debacle, and O isn’t given to shameful admissions for anything.
      It’ll have to be shown to the public, repeatedly, in big easy-to-understand pictures.

  3. ‘Hey give me a drink, and I’ll tell you anything’.

    She’s right, we have heard her say it numerous times now, ad nauseam, repetition is their shtick. And they are just trying to create jobs? She offended all rational thought.

    Scary that a substantial percentage of people will believe and agree with her.

    • True that, BR: the clones and drones will hear that, nod their heads knowingly, and go on.

      That’s actually my biggest issue with many on the Left: the stubborn unwillingness of folks with a competing ideology to let the weight and truth of these issues break through their cranium enough for them to go, “Hey, what’s all this??”

  4. livinrightinpgh

    I was gonna make a reference to Botox and how it seems to have had the same effect on Pelosi and John Kerry….but Blaine beat me to it! DOH!

    So, instead, I’ll just ask WHEN did hallucinogenic drugs become legal in California…..and how long HAVE you been on them, Nancy “The Pineapple Princess” Pelosi?

  5. godsbooklover

    Shocked speechless. How any sentient human being could make such ludicrous statements is beyond my comprehension.

  6. I have it all figured out……..Obama is a Jedi. That is the only explanation I can come up with for the incredible amount of loyalty and support he is able to conjure up from people. How can anyone, in their right mind, not be 100% concerned and fed up with the shananigans that are happening within our governement? Any US citizen should be enraged with the number of “scandals” that have come out of this presidency…..but so many people seem to turn a blind eye towards it. What a sad time we are living in. At least Obama has been transparent about everything.

  7. One thing I’ve never figured out: Is she that stupid? Or does she realize that those who listen to her are the low-marginal information voters?

  8. Pelosi has always known who she is speaking to, low information and short attention span voters. You mix in the clueless and you have the base of Democratic party.

  9. Thanks for the great post JTR!!

    And the comments really lighten up the depressing fact so many people may believe her tripe!

  10. The gift that keeps on giving.

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  12. yep she fits right you can tell she is lying cause her lips are moving.

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