Why do Media Liberals seem to LOVE Racism…?

Of all the behaviors by our über-Leftist media which causes my stomach to churn, their incessant carping about “Racism” may be the most annoying.


It really doesn’t matter what the subject is, either. The “everything that Right-wingers/Conservatives/Republicans do is racist” rant is heard as regularly as the weather. And while MSNBC seems to lead the pack in this category (fairly consistently), other media outlets aren’t that far behind, with one charge of racism being more ridiculous than the next.

So, it’s probably a good time for a word from one of my favorite pundits, AlfonZo Rachel of PJTV. No one, with the possible exception of Thomas Sowell, can lay bare the duplicitous nature of the Left’s vile charges any better than ‘Zo can.

A smart, funny, conservative, Christian Republican, who also just happens to be black? No wonder the Left hates him so much…

14 responses to “Why do Media Liberals seem to LOVE Racism…?

  1. Encouraging words have a way of reaping positive results, the left (Dems) do not want encouragement of positive results for fear of losing their followers.

  2. When you don’t have any substance to your argument, the only tactic you have to use is attacking your opponent.

    Obama’s economy is destructive, you say? RACIST!
    Defense of Marriage? Homophobe!

    See how effective that is?

    • Right Pgh! Any of us could go on any talk show as the liberal without any show prep…

      • It sounds sorta tempting:
        No need to examine what your consequences are for various positions, or if they even make sense? Dude, that would just be so easy!

        It’s why they no longer have debating clubs in schools, of course:
        kids would have to be taught BOTH sides of an issue. …and we can’t have that.

    • It’s all about ENDING an argument. And it used to work, all the time.

      Not any more, though. …

      • Hence the “meltdowns” that we see by the Chris Matthews/Keith Olbermanns/ of the Lefty world. I know in my heart that I really shouldn’t be happy about those meltdowns, but I confess that they DO make me smile when I see them…..

  3. Mr. AlfonZo Rachel is one of my favorites!

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