Out-of-control Government Regulation is destroying our country

Steven Lathrop and his neighbors had a problem, which the government had identified and then inexplicably refused to solve for decades. Steven Lathrop, using his own money, finally took matters into his own hands. He bought an eyesore of a dump and used the land to save his entire neighborhood from debilitating floods.

Steven Lathrop stepped up when no one else would. Steven Lathrop is a hero, by any reasonable person’s definition.

too much governmentAnd our over-regulated Federal Government crushed him, leaving him near bankruptcy.

From Heritage.org:

Lathrop’s home of Granite City, Illinois, regularly suffered from storm flooding that damaged his neighbor’s homes, and even cost the taxpayers money in federal disaster aid.

In 1965, Congress directed the Army Corps of Engineers to fix the problem. They conducted eight studies from then until 1995, two of which recommended building lakes and channels to abate the flooding. But government did nothing, and the flooding continued.

Lathrop did act, however. He purchased flood lands that were being used as a trash dumping ground and converted them into a lake – a lake that fixed the flooding problem and would eventually allow him to build a new community of affordable homes.

But then, government’s heavy hand descended. The Army Corps designated the land he had improved a “wetland” and threatened him with jail and fines of up to $25,000 per day, unless he spent his own money to turn the lake back into its original condition.

The Environmental Protection Agency designated it as a “non-functioning wetland.”

I wish this were an isolated case. It’s not.

This is a nightmare that almost all of us fear: the blind, bullying governmental bureaucracy strangling the little guy with red tape, even as he desperately tries to play by the ever-changing rules.


Just a thought: if the GOP was looking for a message that would resonate with every property-owning tax payer in America, this’d be it.

11 responses to “Out-of-control Government Regulation is destroying our country

  1. Isn’t this what we have been talking about big government not truly being for the people. If they don’t fix the problem, then you must have done something they didn’t want done. The stupidity of these things is amazing, regulatory agencies are the government bullies. Aren’t we supposed to be opposed to bullies?

    • We were, Blaine. We were.

      Nowadays, we’re not even visible to the govt. I don’t think things like this are necessarily deliberate, any more than we step on an insect deliberately.

      We’re the insect, and the government can’t even SEE us.

  2. It’s almost as if the government in general acts like children, if a citizen does something it cannot, or has failed to do, it tries to crush them almost out of envy, it seems.

    THe wake up is that according the article, this happend in 2003, so it’s not just one party that’s to blame. Government really just needs an overall House cleaning…and Senate cleaning, and so on…

    • Agreed.
      This has NADA to do with Party, my friend. This has EVERYTHING to do with Government’s raw nature, as well as its size.

      Our government is no longer just “too big”. It’s exponentially worse than that. We need to chop off some branches (agencies) and place the rest on the ultimate diet…

      If we don’t, it’s like asking: “how much cocaine will the addict use?”
      Answer: “ALL of it.”

      Government isn’t about us anymore. Government is about more government.

  3. The problem is that the GOP likes the administrative state just as much as the Democrats do. They just can get conservatives to vote for them by pretending they don’t, which is really sad, that so many of us are that poorly educated that we don’t see that we’re being manipulated.

    • Steyn calls it the “incessant ratchet of government”, since becoming bigger is what government does.

      Our founders couldn’t have imagined a State this large. And it absolutely isn’t one party at fault here.

      Trying to put the brakes on now, though, may prove to be…. difficult.

      BTW, thanks so much for the re-blog, Aurora! 😀

      • No problem reblogging something that I agree with.

        Yeah, putting the brakes of the federal government is akin to stopping on an icy highway with an overloaded truck. It can be done, in fits and starts, with clear-headedness and nerves of steel, but it won’t be done easily. The alternative is going over a cliff — and I’m not talking about the made-up fiscal cliff of sequestration.

  4. Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:
    This goes with what I’ve been writing about the administrative state and America’s ruling class.

  5. Say, isn’t Washington DC built on a “wetland”?

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