Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson’s warped, sick, hateful Burning Cross/#TeaParty e-mail…

Go ahead, Lefties: take your best shot.

Defend this fundraising e-mail from the despicable Democrat Representative Alan Grayson:

GRAYSON - 2013-10-22-at-8.41.31-AM

Remember the brouhaha about certified nutball Jared Lee Loughner and Sarah Palin’s “target” webpage?

Remember the plea for a “new tone” in politics, which was actually a direct admonishment to Conservatives only, even as the Left then ramped-up their invective to nuclear levels (e.g. “terrorist”, “hostage taker”, “anarchist”, and “gun to the head”, just to name a few)?

Remember all that?

Yet this contemptible piece of filth Grayson, …a vile, loathsome, wretched, detestable excuse for sentient life…, chooses to use BURNING CROSS imagery to describe the Tea Party? A Burning Cross??

Is there any other image in our nation’s history that is more provocative?

You know, Chris Matthews and most of the MSNBC crew call Conservatives racists seemingly every night, often several times a night. That’s completely over-the-top and deplorable. But this? This makes such loaded verbiage seem almost quaint in comparison.

I don’t want him to issue an “apology”; I wouldn’t believe or accept it, nor should anyone else. C’mon, how could Grayson possibly be sorry about it? It’s not merely a misstatement, spoken in the heat of argument. This had to be initially conceived, then vetted and approved: it was 100% planned and deliberate.

As such, it is inexcusable, which is why Grayson must be made to resign. Immediately. Not attend “sensitivity counseling”, nor check himself into some sort of “intolerance treatment” program.

Resign. Quit. Step down.

Leave. Scram. Vamoose. Go, …and never come back.

And Democrat Representative Alan Grayson needs to do it right now.

…we’re waiting, sir.

16 responses to “Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson’s warped, sick, hateful Burning Cross/#TeaParty e-mail…

  1. Grayson is a waste of humanity but would never resign, too much ego for that to happen. Here is an article by a progressive on Salon attacking Libertarians and talking about the big tent democrats are the solution. Also called us a Liberal Republic, I know its Salon but somebody needs to get back on their medication.

    • You’re right, Blaine: he wouldn’t resign of his own accord. He’d have to be forced out. And judging the Dems’ reaction to all this, I can’t see it happening, honestly. We’ve now come to a time when any slander or insult, no matter how egregious, is completely fine as long as it is against either a Conservative, a Christian, or a Republican.

      Everyone else is off limits.

      It’s all about “tolerance”: we are to tolerate THEM, but they have no need to tolerate US.

  2. “…we’re waiting” … we are also waiting on ALL (ANY) other ‘representatives’ to step up, stand up, speak up AGAINST this type of ‘political activity’ in our ‘leaders’! Whether it is words, or pictures, or implications, or jokes, or WHATEVER, there is NO PLACE in decent society for personally attacking others who does not agree with you. The whole ‘war on bullying’ cannot be taken seriously, when this nations elected representatives are nothing but bullies.

    • “Bullies” is the perfect term, Teach. Yet the ironic thing is that so often, they practice being the victim.
      And the victimizers are supposedly (you guessed it) …us.

      We’ve seen this before throughout history, which means it’s probably gonna keep getting worse. Be brave, pray, and stand your ground.

  3. His rhetoric is dispicable.

    And yet there is no Republican response.
    Republicans didn’t even respond to the ObamaCare website explosion.
    They are silent.

    Makes me wonder if they are all going to throw in with the Democrats somehow…

    • Well, not all the Republicans were silent, tannngl. But by and large, the GOP response was somewhat less than impressive.

      More evidence that Conservatives/Libertarians need to join forces for 2014 and 2016. I will vote for the most Conservative person, regardless of party, period.
      And I won’t be alone, either.

  4. This guy is just a real piece of work…along with that Wasserman-Schultz moron, they make up the truly childish portion of Florida politics. Trust me, only in their districts do they get ANY form of respect around here. Having said that, Grayson is right about one thing; I think the Republican Party IS on it’s way out. But something tells me he isn’t fully prepared for what could be on it’s way IN, which is a much stronger, more determined, A LOT more conservative party instead. Hopefully America will surprise the Dems next time around in 2016…our side has had enough surprises!

    • DWS is a piece of work, Wendee, but Grayson is in a class by himself. I have to put him with Van Jones in the “Say Anything” category.

      And you’re right about the GOP being on the way out. My mother always said “Be careful what you wish for”, and the Dems might understand what she meant quite soon.

  5. Dems and Lefties are great at telling us what they FEAR by their use of such inflammatory rhetoric. Grayson is a buffoon…..A useable stooge.

    It cracks me up that the RINO’s are always telling Conservatives to “tone down the rhetoric” and “don’t criticize the POTUS” because it will alienate that much desired “independent vote”. Well, are we to accept that those venerable independents SUPPORT this kind of garbage from a punk like Grayson?

    Actually, I think the national academy of science should investigate how someone like Grayson can actually function when his a** is clearly on his shoulders….

  6. Where was all your tea party outrage when that punk was waving the CONFEDERATE RAG!

    • Dave,
      First of all, welcome to our place.

      Now, as to your comment: seriously, are you honestly comparing the actions of a private citizen against the actions of an Elected Representative?
      That’s ludicrous.

      My congressional rep is held to a MUCH higher standard of decorum than a private person: he’s supposedly my rep, too, even if I didn’t vote for him.
      And that’s the critical difference.

      Plus, use of the Confederate flag is in no way comparable to use of KKK imagery. The war between the states was over a variety of things, slavery being only one. The Democrat-created KKK existed for one thing and one thing only.
      Even for a liberal, your statement is ridiculous.

      However, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    • So, Mr. Bowen…. Are you declaring YOUR outrage against not only THIS asinine comment from Representative Grayson, but his myriad of other verbal BM’s? Seriously, I’d really like your commentary about those….

      For all anyone knows, the person with the flag you’re referring to could have been another SEIU stooge, or maybe they were the same non-person who shouted the racial remarks as the Dem congressmen were marching and just failed to collect on the $100,000 that Breitbart offered?

  7. Rep. Grayson evidently dislikes the Teafolk and he is evidently unpopular here as a result; I get that. And he should be called on it. I’m not sure that he’s worth the space he’s receiving for it, though. Just dismiss him as an idiot and move on…

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