It’s the Tea Party…. Run for your lives!

I can’t believe they’re still at this.

The Democrats have a curious obsession with comparing the Tea Party to terrorists. This happened with stunning consistency for the past two years, especially during the 2011 Debt Ceiling debates. Even Vice President Joe “Foot-In-Mouth” Biden did it, as did Bill Clinton. It happened over, and over again.

Why? Because the Tea Party wants our country’s government to spend within our means? If you want to disagree, that’s fine. But calling that terrorism? I just don’t get it.

And now …….it’s happened again, this time in Oklahoma City, of all places.


OKLAHOMA CITY -The chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is refusing to back down from comments he made likening convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to tea party activists.

   Chairman Wallace Collins on Tuesday described McVeigh as an anti-government “right-winger” and said he sees tea party activists in a “similar vein.” He previously told a Fox News reporter that if McVeigh were alive today, he would likely be a member of the tea party.

Oh, good grief.

As Bernie Goldberg said, this is coming from “….people who don’t call real terrorists ‘terrorists’ ”.

Have they still never SEEN a Tea Party?

Michael Graham, a radio talk-show host in Boston, wrote a book in 2010 titled That’s No Angry Mob, That’s My Mom. In it, Graham discussed various Tea Parties and their motivation: ordinary tax-payers pushed into action by the threat of higher taxes and increased government intrusion. Far removed from anyone’s definition of ‘terrorist’, these are non-violent, respectful, patriotic Joe & Jane Six-packs who want their government to not bankrupt the country.

Yep, they’re terrifying.


Now, if it’s violence and various other illegalities that Chairman Wallace Collins (or anyone else) is looking for, there actually IS a movement that fits the bill, though the media is loath to describe them as such. Have you ever heard of the Occupy Wall Street kids?

It appears that these playful little scamps have run afoul of the law a time or three. The entire list is waaaaay too long to include here, so I’ll just borrow a partial one from as of mid-November last year:




  • Occupy Boston – Two drug busts in a week
  • Occupy Boston – Another drug arrest
  • Occupy Boston – Heroin dealers busted were living with 6-year-old boy directly behind welcome tent
  • Occupy Portland – First hand account “Drugs. Selling…Heroin. Meth.”
  • Occupy Portland – Video of open drug use in the camp
  • Occupy Portland – “I get high




Public disturbance

Rape/Sexual Assault


  • Occupy DC – Let’s have a coup by taking over the military
  • Ted Rall wants occupiers to choose the path of violence
  • Occupy DC – Mike Malloy incites crowd to cheer for President Bush’s execution



  • Occupy Portland – Theft is ongoing
  • Occupy Boston – Store owner suffers 4 break-ins since camp began


Remember: this is an old list. There’ve been plenty more “indiscretions” since, most recently on May 1st of this year:

Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.


Next time you hear someone painting the Tea Party as some amalgamation of horror-movie monster-meets-Hezbollah-member, keep in mind that actual Tea Partiers look like this:

And those harmless, loveable imps in Occupy Wall Street look like this:

18 responses to “It’s the Tea Party…. Run for your lives!

  1. And if Nancy Pelosi were actually alive today and had the guts, she (and a bunch of other Dems in Congress and otherwise affiliated with the national Democrat party) would admit they are out-and-out communists.

    JTR, you missed a biggie on that extensive list of “Fun Things OWS People Have Done”: just last week, the FBI busted five men for plotting to blow up a bridge and commit other acts of terror in Cleveland. Turns out they were not Muslims (always my first assumption) but OWSers. These geniuses actually planted fake IEDs sold to them by undercover agents at the base of a very high bridge in Cleveland. According to local news reports, after they “reduced Cleveland to ashes” (their words) they were planning to move on (no pun intended) to Chicago.

    Too bad they didn’t get a chance to blow up Bill Ayers’ house.

    • justturnright

      I sincerely appreciate the heads-up, but I didn’t miss it, Buckeye. There have been some conflicting accounts on that one as to their OWS “bonafides”. Rather than potentially muddy the water, I skipped it.

      We were hardly lacking for examples….

      • Shoulda known…

        I am not so scrupulous as you, so I will pass along any half-truths, hearsay or gossip that seems germane.

  2. WOW. You have my gratitude for all the Occupy (bowel) Movement stats I now don’t have to google. Did you hear that? Shhhh, it is supposed to be subliminal (send me money). Have a good day. (worship me).

  3. justturnright

    You’re very welcome. The research is gratis.

    “Send you money”?
    I’m still waiting for your Bob Beckel Pay-per-view event!!
    I’ve been practicing in front of my mirror for days now: “No cussing, Bob!”

  4. Wait. I forgot. When Bob cusses we throw pennies and we drink when he says “fair and balanced” right?

    • justturnright

      No throwing pennies.

      Pennies buy more beer.

      • Not any more. The government is doing away with them. They say it should be relatively easy, except for the small rounding issue.

        Small rounding issue? Any store you know going to go down in price to make it end in 0 or 5? How about interest rates? You can’t pay 8% if there are only 0% and 5% increments. I am sure the bank will be nice.

        Tax rates- local, personal property, real estate, income, FICA….corporate.

        Just small little rounding issues. Hurling them at Bob (in good literary metaphorical [no lawsuits today, thank you, Mr. Beckel])would be more fun.

  5. justturnright

    Once they’re gone, sure. I’ve got lots of ’em.

    But the rounding issue? They’ve been trying to do this for years.
    It will not be to our benefit, I agree….

    • True, they have been trying it for years. They failed because the PEOPLE didn’t want to. Obama doesn’t give a crap about what the PEOPLE have to say, even if they say it through Congress. He is putting real teeth behind Executive Orders and regulation and will then try what they are currently trying with SCOTUS and ObamaCare- “You can’t take it away now. We have already re-calibrated the rates for taxes and going back would mean less money for us and, oh you silly boy, we can’t let that happen.”

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