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NOTE: I wasn’t aware of the scope-and-fallout of wind turbines until very recently, other than the fact that each turbine chops up birds at an incredible clip.

It’s odd: we hear tons about all the dangers of natural gas fracturing (technology which has been around for decades, by the way), but not so much about this.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why a profitable method for accessing gas would get negative press, and an alleged ‘Green’ energy source would get a collective pass from the media.

Nope, ….that’s a puzzler….

Quixotes Last Stand

P. Gosselin — April 28, 2012

“It’s just stunning how psychologically people just blindly herd behind a fad to the point where they just don’t even see the massive damage being inflicted. “

The Green Wave — How Vermont Protects the Environment

Last fall I wrote about how self-anointed environmental mastermind politicians in my homestate of Vermont bulldozed public opposition, lots of trees and finally the top of Lowell Mountain to make way for “climate-saving” 450-foot industrial wind turbines. Read here and here.

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  1. Companies that do surface mining for coal (aka strip mining) are required to put things back in better shape than they were before the operation started.

    These people are literally tearing down mountains to facilitate their “green energy” project. Last I checked, mountains are, in terms of human time, forever. The typical life span of a large wind turbine is 20 years, and they have more environmental impact than the shredding of the ocasional bird or bat:

    Also, they DO require regular maintenance, which can be a challenge depending on location. Availability of offshore wind turbines in the UK is currently nowhere near the figure used to justify their existence in most business models, according to a study from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) Business School.
    “Even though offshore wind plays a key role in the UK’s ability to hit its energy targets, the offshore wind industry has not yet reached its full potential. Business cases for offshore wind farms assume availability in the order of 97%; however, current performance levels are much lower.”
    How much lower? The eggheads aren’t prepared to say.

    One thing is certain–when these behemoths do fail, the results can be spectacular. You wouldn’t want to be around when this happens:

    • justturnright

      EXCELLENT comment, Buckeye.

      And based on my reading over the last few weeks, even THAT is just scratching the surface.

      Quixotes Last Stand is all over this issue. Make sure and check them out….

  2. Glad this one meets your standards! And I will def check out that blog.

  3. Perhaps that Obama is scared to death that people will notice the REAL supply/demand model that natural gas represents. Look at the price of natural gas AFTER we discovered a huge domestic supply available through fracking. If people see that, they will no longer believe that drilling for oil now will do nothing for the price now.

    • justturnright

      A strong domestic supply of natural resources bringing prices down? That is just CRAZY talk, John!

      The next thing you’ll tell me is that deliberately selling guns to Mexican illegals and drug runners will result in additional bloodshed & instability on the Arizona/Mexican border……and we all know how crazy THAT is…..

      • The world has gone crazy…cats and dogs sleeping together CHAOS!

        • justturnright

          We REALLY need to discuss movies sometime……

          • movies and music. I have this one thing bebopping in my head that involves a fetal postion, Roger Waters, “grabbing your junk” and Edward R. Murrow. wanna follow my leader through that fun maze?

            • justturnright

              My movie CV is pretty decent, but musically I’m limited by preference to the late 70s and the 80s. I was a rocker, so start with Kiss and work your way until about 1991. I’m there.

              Thus, Mr “Good night & good luck”, as well as “Radio KAOS” – sure thing.

              Junk, and the fetal position?
              I’m out.

              • Too funny. Kiss was my favorite band. I spent all my money on mags so I cut put pics of them on my notebook when I was in 5th grade. I won a Talent contest by doing makeup like Gene Simmons, lip-synching a song and ending by “spitting blood” (chewed up candied “Michigan cherries.”). I wanted to gather butane in my mouth and “breathe fire” but they said something about “fire codes” and other such nonsense. I got in trouble because I wore a shirt to school that had the song title “Hotter Than Hell” on it.

                Time to change drinks. Goodbye Eagles, Hello Cold Gin.

  4. justturnright

    Actually, that IS too funny. Kiss was MY favorite band. I actually went to a Halloween party as Paul Stanley …..after I was married. My wife helped with the costume, etc.,…
    I sat at the party next to a client of mine and they had NO idea who I was!

    Useless factoid: I can still tell you the producers, writers, and recording studios of every song, on every album. Guest musicians, too.
    Used to be my favorite bet in college.

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