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Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson’s warped, sick, hateful Burning Cross/#TeaParty e-mail…

Go ahead, Lefties: take your best shot.

Defend this fundraising e-mail from the despicable Democrat Representative Alan Grayson:

GRAYSON - 2013-10-22-at-8.41.31-AM

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In the new War On Terror, WE are the targets…

Saw an old Far Side comic the other day, and it got me to thinking about Islamic Terrorism. Here, take a look:


This is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish in the current version of the War On Terror: we’re pushing really, really hard on a door which is clearly marked ‘Pull’.

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Jim McDermott: I’m not saying these #TeaParty folks are lying, but… they’re probably lying

There is very little I can add to this video clip (below) without using four-letter words, but I’ll do my best.

Jim-McDermott-moronI’m actually a little shocked that this guy is being allowed to run free by the Democrats, ’cause this level of high-handedness, belittling and raw condescension doesn’t play well with anyone, other than the most hardcore Leftists.

In his previous diatribe and throughout this interview, what Representative McDermott refused to acknowledge (as we pointed out yesterday) is Tea Party and Conservative groups were targeted due to their views and beliefs. Yet, liberal/progressive groups were not explicitly targeted by the IRS, which is probably why none were brought to testify before the Ways and Means committee.

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Dem: “If Conservatives stop applying for Tax Exempt status, the #IRS won’t NEED to hassle ’em…”

For the record, if anyone out there thinks this was a clever or winning argument for this guy to make, I’d be curious to hear your explanation.

During today’s IRS hearings, Democrat Jim McDermott scolded representatives of groups who were victims of the IRS targeting scheme in the most condescending way possible, basically telling them: “Hey, if you guys hadn’t applied for tax exemption, the IRS wouldn’t have had to target you“.


Representative Jim “Patronizing Creep” McDermott

Which, to be fair, is a bit like telling a rape victim that “…if you’d just stayed home that day, or if you hadn’t insisted on walking through the park, nothing would have happened, now would it??…”

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“Tea Party vs. the #IRS”: the movie Hollywood will never, EVER make

Movie Clapper Board 222After my post the other day, I’ve been thinking a lot about movies. And last night it hit me: I’ve got an idea for a screenplay that just can’t miss!!

…A group of freedom-loving patriots, ordinary folks hailing from ordinary hamlets (we’ll call them the “TEA Party”), witness their beloved country being taken over by a hostile State.

Rallying around a single man’s call to stand up and fight, they answer in droves. Neighborhood by neighborhood, then town by town, they band together across the entire country, creating an impressive force which positively impacts an election.

Then, the State fights back, attempting to crush and grind these groups out of existence, or intimidate them into silence.

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Obama is shocked, SHOCKED!, that #IRS was harassing/intimidating Conservative groups

**With apologies to Captain Renault….

shocked, shocked

“Don’t tell me: …you’re ‘shocked’, right?”

Are we really supposed to believe that Obama is dismayed and distraught at revelations of political intimidation within the IRS? That (according to Allahpundit) he “just found out about this on Friday”?

Is our President honestly expecting us to swallow the following tale: that for some inexplicable reason, a rogue band of low-level IRS flunkies took it upon themselves to target the political enemies of this Administration, all without Obama’s imprimatur?

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Nothing to see here: #IRS targeted conservative, Tea Party groups…

Many moons ago, an old college professor of mine told me that Bullet Points make it easier for people to remember what you say. And since I think the following is kinda’ important, I’ll give his advice a shot.

irs 1Today’s topic is: the I.R.S.:

  • Also predictably, the IRS is very, very, very, very sorry. Really. They are. Unspecified is exactly what they’re sorry about: the “inappropriate actions” themselves, or being caught….

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Most ridiculous statement of the year: “Government is Inherently GOOD…”

We constantly hear various arguments from the Left and scratch our heads, wondering how such lines of reasoning are even possible. Because whether we’re discussing deficits, birth control, guns, national security, health care or education, the Left’s answer always seems to be, “more government!“. 

more cowbell

“I got a fever, ….and the only prescription…., is MORE GOVERNMENT!!”

Such a myopic adherence to an obviously flawed institution would be puzzling, until you consider what their true belief system is. And make no mistake, that’s where this comes from: belief. Which means that far from being a statement of logic, it’s a statement of faith.

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