Saturday Night Jive

I just checked the news sites again, and this is up on FOX NEWS, HOTAIR, and the site where it originated, DAILY CALLER.

…..and that’s it.

Now, before you say, “Dude, this really isn’t news, per se…” may I remind you of the many, many, many, many times that not only SNL but the late night comedians are dropped into the news reports (Sarah Palin, anyone?).

This IS news, or at least it should be.

From the Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller has obtained a scrapped sketch critical of President Barack  Obama that was intended for airing at the opening of last night’s “Saturday  Night Live” on NBC.

In the skit, President Obama addresses Americans soon after the first  anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden — and he makes sure to remind  viewers that all credit for the raid on the terrorist leader’s compound belongs  to him.

The real President Obama has faced harsh criticism in recent weeks for allegedly politicizing  bin Laden’s death by taking too much credit for the operation that killed  him.

Instead of the skit, NBC opted instead to air  a parody of Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends.” That skit, which also  featured Armisen, mocked Fox News personalities by portraying them as clueless  partisans.

Wait, wait, wait, … scrap a sketch that’s critical of Obama, and replace it with one of a Fox morning show? And the kicker: you portray FOX as being overly partisan? (Whoops, my Irony Alert™  just started to smoke…..)

The major Media is constantly trying to say that they have no bias when choosing how to cover news. Obviously, this is balderdash. Not only are they biased in what/how they cover news stories, they are even more biased in what they don’t cover. Case in point, just contrast the Tea Parties and Occupy Wall Street. Doesn’t get any more blatant than that.

Saturday Night Live is under no compunction to make fun of all celebrities/organizations/politicians equally. They’re a private show and can do what they want. Just don’t patronize me by saying, “We’re not partisan”.

At least one SNL alum is honest about it.

5 responses to “Saturday Night Jive

  1. I didn’t know they had scrapped an Obama skit but I am not surprised. I don’t think many of them even try to pretend they are non-partisan anymore. Lorne Michaels has to because he is the business, but the in-front-of-the-camera-people are obvious, I think.

    • justturnright

      I agree, John. Fey made no secret of her disdain of Palin, and Armisen has said publicly how much he admires Obama.

      Kinda tough to properly satirize someone if you’re cutting out their pictures into heart shapes….

      • I always knew SNL was partisan and many celebs. I just hate when they use it to promote a political agenda when they are not really informed. I don’t really have a problem with people like Clooney or Bono because their boots are on the grounds, even though I disagree. They can put POLITICS aside for a moment fora good cause.

        People like Alec Baldwin break my heart. He is such a good actor, but he is such a big ass. I can’t even watch him because I am so conflicted.

        I do like his credit card commercials, though. They are short enough so I get to enjoy them before the thinking part of my brain comes back from HYBERNATE.

  2. justturnright

    Baldwin, Striesand, Theron, Damon, Griffith, etc.,… The list of performers I enjoy, who simultaneously drive me crazy with their politics, is a loooong one.

    However, I can at least respect their convictions more than the folks that insist they aren’t biased and obvioulsy ARE.

    This might be why my family owns so many shows from the 60’s and 70’s – you didn’t see Bob Newhart throwing his weight behind the Occuppy movements of his day, or publicly campaigning for a candidate.

    Thank God.

    • Yep. They are actors and singers. Shut up unless you have a scripted line from a movie or something I want to see or a song I want to hear. Otherwise, if you want to be political, go into politics.

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