Bullies on the Left

Do you remember a bully in your life? Do you also remember the first time you confronted him/her? Boy, I sure do…and I’m betting you do, too.

American culture has always celebrated the ‘little guy’ standing up to the bully. It’s been a common theme in stories, books, and movies ranging from A Christmas Story, to The Magnificent Seven, to The Ten Commandments. Such a fascination with rooting for the underdog isn’t difficult to trace: it’s part of our country’s fabric. The Revolutionary War itself was the ultimate story of standing up to the biggest bully around.

So I find it a little troubling that, more and more, bullying tactics by the Left are excused, embraced or flat-out ignored. We’ve seen it with the voter intimidation in Philadelphia back in 2008; we’ve seen it with the Occupy Movement; we saw it with the Wisconsin recall aftermath.

And now we’re seeing it with the incident up in Michigan the other night.


Just in case you think this is all a grand coincidence, please allow Mark Steyn to set you straight (via The Daily Caller):

“It is extremely valuable for people to understand that your guys mean it and you may want to play along because, otherwise, things are going to get very unpleasant for you. That is the message these guys are sending in Michigan. It’s basically the domestic version of what you see in the Arab Spring.

All of these protests against Morsi in Cairo were completely peaceful; then Muslim Brotherhood show up to protest and seven people die. There is always an advantage to the side that means it and to the side that is willing to apply the muscle. And that’s why I don’t think the unions are bothered about bad publicity over this at all.

They understand the people get the core message.”

If this is allowed to take hold, to actually become a lasting part of our national culture, THAT’s when we might as well make like the Von Trapp family and head for the proverbial mountains. Ask yourself: what is the only possible, eventual outcome? ‘Cause if history has taught us one thing, it’s that if one side can attack another with impunity, …it usually does.

And please, don’t even posit the possibility that President Populist (try to say THAT three times fast…) will ever say anything critical about this event. He’s turned a blind eye to each and every transgression of the Left, assiduously avoiding having his own Sister Souljah moment.

He reasoned long ago (correctly, it would seem) that he didn’t need one.

Lapdog media


Now just for fun, imagine if the opposite had occurred. Think about how the Left would have responded if a Tea Party member, just one, had punched an MSNBC reporter. One word: “Armageddon”.

Would you have heard about it Monday night? And Tuesday? And every time thereafter when referring to the “incivility” of discourse today?

Yes. Yes. And oh-good-grief yes.


Go ahead: take it to the next step… There would be boycotts of every company/organization which supports the Tea Party. There would be long speeches on Capitol Hill being replayed hourly on the News. Democrats would be in their highest of dudgeons, and the networks would slavishly be covering Every. Single. Minute.


These aren’t exactly bold predictions. If anything, the last four years have shown us that the media is only too willing to do this Administration’s bidding, whenever and wherever possible.

Write what you're told

However, there is a small silver lining in all of this. The Right-to-Work law which is coming to Michigan (& which was the impetus behind the Crowder video) signals further erosion of Big Labor’s power, a very good thing indeed. Additionally, even Lefty sites such as Politico & the Daily Kos are now conceding that the Conservative blogosphere is becoming more relevant by the day.

But let’s not kid ourselves: we’re still the underdogs, and the Bullies on the Left are ascendant. Actually, the challenges our country will face over the next four years remind me of a movie which I should have included in my list at the start: Gladiator. Because in it, Marcus Aurelius is contemplating the very future of Rome itself when he says,

“There was once a dream that was Rome. You could only …whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile.

And I fear that it will not survive the winter.”

13 responses to “Bullies on the Left

  1. Oh, and let’s NOT forget the black gentleman at the Tea Party rally that was beaten up by the Leftist thugs…….

    I wonder if “Big Sis”, Janet Napolitano has these union-thug-slime-greaseball-goons on her security “watch list” along with those “tyrants” in the Tea Party who have never been documented to have committed a violent act?

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…..Let ME be in the crowd when one of these union sphincters wants to throw a punch…….

    • How did that song go?
      Oh, yeah: “…you don’t tug on Superman’s cape…”

      The Union Goons (which kinda sounds like a band, doesn’t it?) are still out in force this week, yet are being described, AGAIN, as “mostly peaceful”.
      I kid you not.

      SNL doesn’t need to exist. This Administration and its adjoining media are doing self-parody on a daily basis.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with your post. We’re losing the culture war (if it isn’t already lost). We need to engage the media to counter the propaganda. Once the playing field is level, this type of behavior from the left can finally be exposed.

    • Yeah, the sooner we honestly face our challenges, the quicker we can address this as adults. Crying and moping won’t do a darn thing.

      THIS (blogging) is part of the cure, but only a small part. It’s also where we consume other media, donations, and additional assistance/support we provide for the competition, and other things that more directly affect the Culture.

      Example: FOX News isn’t nearly as conservative as it could be. We need another one, and then another. Right now, if all the TV media were a Baskin Robbins, we’d pretty much have only one flavor from which to choose. That’s simply not gonna cut it…

      Sooo glad you stopped by and commented, CTX!!
      Feel free to “look around”, and hope to “see” you again soon!

      • I was looking to re-read this post and clicked the link in the post I wrote and just realized it was broken for a day. Sorry I didn’t realize it sooner. What you write about definitely needs as much exposure as possible.

        I’d also like to add you to my blogroll as well. I’d been meaning to ask if you minded for the past few days.

        • I’d be honored.

          I deliberately exclude all the ‘big’ sites (Ace, HA, Human Events, Townhall, PJMedia,etc,…) on our BlogRoll, and just limit myself to the amateur ones like ours which I frequent.
          Plus, I do my fair share of quoting from them, so it’s pretty easy to figure out what I read.

          Delighted to have you in the mix, sir!

  3. Where were the police when Steven was punched and punched and punched and punched again?

  4. “This just in, the Michigan DNR announces an open season on all non-union and right-to-work supporting individuals. No harvest limit, time limit, and no permit required…..more at 6…..”

    • Yeah, yeah…
      See, YOU’RE kidding. But THESE freakos will see that and think “Woo-hoo: now I don’t have to worry about a limit this year!!”

      Obama’s New “Statist Freedom”: you may do, think or say anything you wish, …as long as it conforms to our guidelines.

      It’s Change, baby!!!

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