The NRA’s Colion Noir vs. Joe “Shoot-from-the-Lip” Biden

NRA LOGO 1We covered the NRA’s newest spokesman, Colion Noir, a while back. He’s logical, persuasive, and speaks in a commonsense manner on a wide range of gun myths. These myths persist in the media, despite their being disproved, so having someone out there who can consistently and effectively knock them down is essential.

Seriously, bringing someone of his caliber (pun very much intended…) on board was a great move by the NRA.


This episode covers some remarks that Joe “Double-barreled” Biden made when he was out flacking for the President’s Gun Bill. And as usual, it’s excellent.

8 responses to “The NRA’s Colion Noir vs. Joe “Shoot-from-the-Lip” Biden

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Ahhh yes….Gun “myths”. Also know as “what Libs WANT you to believe in spite of all evidence to the contrary.”

  2. Joe Biden is always the gift that keeps on giving!

    • He’s a veritable cornucopia of idiocy, ain’t he?

      I’d pay some serious cash to see the two of them debate. And I’d take minutes away from Joe every time he laughed or sneered while Noir was talking….

      • If you took minutes away from his laughing and sneering it would be a one-sided debate. Biden would never even get on stage with anyone like Noir, however, since Noir is way too clever and smart for Biden.

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