(*VIDEO*) The NRA’s Colion Noir calls out the President

NRA LOGO 1It’s no secret that I’ve been an NRA member for many years, even though I’m not exactly your typical gun enthusiast. I simply appreciate the idea of being able to defend both myself and my family.

Joining the NRA seemed like the natural thing to do, and I’ve always been happy with my decision.

But their ad campaign which floods my mailbox all year has always had room for improvement. It’s fine and all, but never exactly got me any more excited or motivated than I already was about the 2nd Amendment. And while Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre seems to be a nice man and a decent speaker, he also occasionally goes over the line rhetorically and ends up shooting himself in the foot (sorry, I couldn’t help myself…).

Put it this way: in the charisma department, LaPierre ain’t no Charlton Heston.

Always hoped they would get someone a bit, well, …hipper (or is that “more hip”? Whatever…). They needed a better communicator, who could really speak out against the emotional stupidity of the newly energized Gun Control movement, without turning off the very people they’re trying to reach.

Wow, did they find him. The dude’s name is Colion Noir, and I’d heard he was their new spokesman around the time I first saw him in a video on YouTube a while back. That particular clip was good, but this one is better.

Much better:

Well done, NRA.

The next order of business should be to introduce Colin to Senator Diane Feinstein. Heck, we could sell tickets…!

11 responses to “(*VIDEO*) The NRA’s Colion Noir calls out the President

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    Give them 5 minutes and the Left will be attacking Mr. Noir on every aspect of his life. Soon after, Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al will tell you that he’s “not really black/not ‘down with the struggle'”, blah, blah, blah…..

  2. Any minority who identifies as a conservative is automatically ostracized and called every name in the book. Look how the left is treating Dr. Ben Carson.

    • The list is as long as needed for the Left. When you engage in identity politics, you automatically renounce your identity (to the Left) as soon as you renounce their politics.

      To wit: Clarence Thomas would be as celebrated as MLK if he was a Liberal. As it is, he’s branded a traitor and an Uncle Tom…and much worse, if you spend any time on their blogs.

      Mr. Noir is gonna do great, and Dr. Carson is a tough dude: neither will knuckle under. But I hope both men are truly prepared for the vitriol they’ll engender going forward.
      ‘Cause as bad as it is now, it’s barely even started.

  3. Very good! You have to wonder how many more like him are out there afraid to speak their minds.

    • Way more than we are led to believe, but not as many as there needs to be. That’s why each black man who dares to be known as conservative is attacked so viciously: gotta make sure they “know their place”.

      And the Left says WE’RE the racists??

  4. That’s a great youtube from the NRA. And a very good spokesperson. He’s real.

    Pgh is right. The progs will be dissing Mr. Noir soon.

    But I don’t care. I believe this man will change a few minds. People with intelligence that never hear the right. The right right. heh

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