France is faced with the MOST BAFFLING CASE of ALL TIME!

Insp ClouseauMaybe if the French were to bring Inspector Clouseau out of retirement, perhaps HE could find the rationale for this bewildering, incomprehensible, seemingly motiveless crime.

From the Washington Post, via the Associated Press; April 23.

***(Italics and capitalization are mine, to help shed light on this “mystery”…):

PARISAn escapee from a psychiatric institution slashed a rabbi and his son with a box-cutter on Tuesday, prompting witnesses to tackle and subdue the attacker after a chase through a Paris synagogue, officials said.


The assailant was of Iranian origin, and an official investigation was underway to DETERMINE A POSSIBLE MOTIVE, Prasquier said. The attacker, now in police custody, had escaped from a psychiatric hospital near southeastern Lyon last week, said a police official on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre, a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office, said the two victims had been wearing Jewish skullcaps, and the attacker was detained after a chase through the synagogue. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which monitors anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, said in a statement that the assailant screamed “Allah-u-Akbar” — or “God is great” — DURING THE ATTACK



Well, …

Any suggestions? I’m stumped…..

Islam religion

17 responses to “France is faced with the MOST BAFFLING CASE of ALL TIME!

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Ok….I wanna guess…

    Let me see….hmmmm….Ok: The escapee was the victim of a botched bris performed by the Rabbi. Actually, he did NOT scream “Allah-u-Akbar”, rather something along the lines of “*&%$# THAT HURT!!!

    See? NOW you understand.

    • Creative, Pgh, …
      …SICK, …but very creative.

      The Left’s rush to non-judgement where Islamists are concerned would be almost quaint, were it not for (A) the danger that Muslim extremists pose for our nation, and (B) the Left’s constant fascination with painting the Right as fire-breathing monsters who want to kill your family (e.g. Gabby Giffords).

      At one time, this just made me sad.
      Now? I’m just furious….

      • livinrightinpgh

        Yeah…..apologies (Not really). I wanted to respond in earnest, but the sheer lunacy of the French response (Really, no surprise there) tells you WHY they are having a Muslim uprising in their Country, and it’s only getting worse for the average French citizen.

        Until you identify the enemy AS the enemy, you’re S.O.L. trying to deter them.

  2. This is infuriating. The absolute stupidity of this bias is mind blowing.
    Maybe it has to do with ‘worldview’.
    I’ll never understand.

  3. If pretending a specific danger does not exist, so that one may be viewed as ‘enlightened’ is what a liberal is than THANK GOD I’M CONSERVATIVE. (feel free to sing that to the tune of ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy 😉 )

    • LOL!

      Yes, one must deliberately ignore one’s common sense in order to properly buy into the liberal mindset. I’m reminded of the lady who wanted to be “one with nature”, and was trying to feed bears in her backyard.
      She got her wish: the mama bear mauled & killed her.

      Libs: they go to school for years, yet never seem to learn.

  4. As a famous man once said…” The problem with Liberals is that they know so much that just isn’t true.”

  5. As soon as I stop laughing, I’ll offer my own wild guess as to what might have motivated him. I admit it’s a stumper.

  6. Funny, this religion is evil and our leaders are falling for it. Their policies and views are so worldly that without some Godly leadership, these mysteries will keep occurring.

  7. This would be so funny and farcical if it weren’t so serious. How many people have to die before we’re willing to admit that not all religions or cultures are equal? We need to start some serious soul-searching, but we are hampered by our fearfulness of being labelled haters or racists. Political correctness is literally killing us.

    • “Political correctness is literally killing us.”
      Virtually my exact words from 5 days ago, Robert, when we were discussing immigration policy and screening out those who would come here to kill us (in ‘Discrimination isn’t always Bad, and Immigration isn’t always Good’).

      This is basically the same conversation: our fear of not being PC has hobbled our collective common sense. The French are a lost cause… but we’re seeing the same things on our shores, every day.

      And if we don’t somehow change this, soon, we’re going to get more of it.
      We’re going to get more of ALL of it…

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  9. On a side note, ever notice that the officials of ANY government who flap their gums the most are the ones who are not authorized to speak publicly?

    – Jeff

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