#NRA’s Colion Noir: “Shame on YOU, Mr. President…”

NRA 55Another excellent video from the NRA’s Mr. Colion Noir, as he takes on the President over gun control, …again.

We’ve covered three of his previous efforts, which you can find here, here and here.

And, since there’s really nothing that I could add to improve this, I’m just going to let Colion put some learnin‘ to y’all…


2 responses to “#NRA’s Colion Noir: “Shame on YOU, Mr. President…”

  1. Classic line: “While you’re trying to save ONE life with gun control, what about the millions that are being saved BECAUSE they have guns?”

    I’m sure that the average lemming on the Left can’t even comprehend that statement….

  2. Nice job. Shame on Obama, is right. And thinking Americans have not forgotten that Obama and his cohorts are obsessed with destroying our second amendment rights. Shame on us if we have. And shame on anyone who hasn’t noticed you are using children as political ploys.

    But the left has no shame in their exploiting children in their convoluted “abortions rights” either, and will do anything to “preserve” that. Oh yea he’s got the power to shame…..

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