Why Christie’s #Bridgegate Press Conference said less about him, and more about the Press itself

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Let’s get one thing straight here first: I am NOT a Chris Christie fan.

That said, I’ve got nothing against the guy personally. Yeah, I know: he’s a RINO. But c’mon, he’s in New Jersey; of course he’s a RINO. You don’t see Evangelical Christian Teaparty Reagan Conservatives getting elected to run deep blue states, any more than you have Commie Socialist Liberals getting elected to run deep red ones.

Still, the entire Bridgegate controversy has received more media attention than almost anything that’s happened in the Obama Administration, with the possible exception of the Associated Press phone records scandal, and THAT was only because it affected the Press itself.

***(And if you are somehow still unfamiliar with Christie’s “Bridgegate” controversy, please go HERE to get yourself up-to-speed.)***

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Personally, I wasn’t all that interested in this story when I first heard about it:

But it received all sorts of mainstream media attention:

So, I tuned-in for Christie’s press conference today.

Many people will and did come away from today with renewed confidence in the New Jersey Governor’s leadership and sense of accountability (*link courtesy of Allah at HotAir*). Others I’m sure will swat away any apologies as meaningless, refusing to accept anything short of his personal resignation. But both of these miss the more important aspect of this, in my opinion.

The real story is how the media itself behaved.

They asked questions; real ones. Not like “how does this controversy make you feel?“, or “how are you managing to stay so upbeat throughout such a trying time?“, which are the typical kind we see so often with Obama. Nope: these journalists didn’t accept the first statements Christie offered, but instead pushed for clarification, and asked again. In short, they did what the Fourth Estate is SUPPOSED to do with ALL politicians: remain skeptical and press for answers, and after they receive those answers …press for more.

To say Christie did a good job in the presser is an understatement: he accorded himself ridiculously well. Unless you just flat-out hate the man (and some folks do), it was difficult to not take him as sincere. I’ve always known he’s a talented politician, but today let me see that he appears to be a fairly decent leader, as well.

Like I said, you’d have to totally despise him to not come away with at least some begrudging respect for him.

The whole deal ran kinda long, so rather than force you to sit through any more than the 3-minute snippet which we included above, I’ll let you zip through how others viewed the proceedings:

By the way, that last Tweet from ‘Doctor Zero’ is referencing THIS (“Rachel Maddow accuses Koch brothers of pushing Florida drug-testing law“).

Okay, let’s continue:

Ultimately, this wasn’t a lesson for Christie. Or for New Jersey. The one who should be learning something …is us.

We’ve just been handed a reminder that our journalists DO still recall how to perform actual journalism. So we need to insist they start doing so, all the time, regardless of the (D) or the (R) after a person’s name. And if they don’t, we then need to make them pay the price for their failure: change the channel, cancel our subscription(s), etc.,..

The press held a Governor accountable today, and then the Governor held himself and his people accountable. Everyone did their jobs.

Now with that in mind, let’s go do ours.

14 responses to “Why Christie’s #Bridgegate Press Conference said less about him, and more about the Press itself

  1. Excellent and you are exactly right. If this were a Democrat governor, the press would have behaved much differently.

    • No question ’bout it, James. The media should take a very long look in the mirror: some of them may not like what they see.

      As for Christie, we just need to wait-&-see if this pans out the way that he portrayed it today.

  2. “The real story is how the media itself behaved.”

    I don’t care for Christie but that sentence about says it all for today. David Gregory needs to look at his credibility. So do the others.

  3. So proud of himself for being bipartisan and reaching across the isle…. where is the Obama he once hugged? well, he’s now investigating Christi. How’s that foe irony?

  4. Michael Slomkowski

    Isn’t it refreshing to see arrogant politicians humble themselves? Maybe now I understand what Chris Matthews meant when after listening to one of Obama’s speeches that he “felt a thrill going up his leg” that doesn’t happen very often . . . . . Or do I ? ? ?

    • Michael!!! Great to see you, bud!

      Yes, humility is in short supply among politicians and it was indeed refreshing. For everyone concerned, I hope that Christie was (A) telling the truth, although I do believe he was, and (B) he gets to the bottom of this pronto.

      Only time will tell, brotha.

      Don’t be a stranger, dude!
      Hope to see you again soon…..

  5. Since he is supported by George Soros and the Dems, I say good riddance. There was some reason his closest people thought they could do something like this.A reflection of him, I am afraid.

    • There’s no question that is true, B-ville.
      Of course, that’s why I’m not taking the media’s bait to make Christie the story: he’s not, or at least he shouldn’t be.
      THEY are the story.

      We have the Obama WH Scandal-plex working overtime to just keep all of their lies straight, yet the Media dismissively sweeps ALL of it under the rug. But then they expect us to jump when they point at Christie and scream, “oooh, look! Hate HIM; he’s a monster!!”
      Yeah, sure, whatever…

      But just think of what we might know if they exhibited a tenth of their current energies on Benghazi, or the IRS………

  6. Very true. I wonder how much it was a setup. We are not talking about Gates book.

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  8. Funny how the word Scandal reappeared in media with a vengeance, after being banned for 4 years. And no one was labeled a racist either.

  9. Like you, JTR, I am not a major supporter of Governor Christie. That being said, he DID display HOW a situation should be handled. The media will be what it is: a bunch of Obama stooges. NOTHING he does will ever be seen as they tried to portray Bridgegate. Still, the American people got to see Christie respond appropriately, and we actually have the media to thank for that….

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