Unreal: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is suddenly appalled by “hyperbolic” language

111 Chris MatthewsI swear, these people have no pride.

It was a mere two days ago that we detailed the completely over-the-top comparison by Mr. Matthews of conservative pundits and the GOP to Kim Jong-un’s execution of his own uncle. Before that, Chris echoed and a cheered a similar comparison of pre-Obama United States to Apartheid-era South Africa (made by fellow MSNBC-er Al Sharpton).

And yet, he now comes on his nightly show, and decries…hyperbole?

First of all, I love how Chris connects and disparages Ted Cruz in a news piece… that has absolutely nothing to do with Ted Cruz. That’s talent, right there.

Second, this also reminds me of a warning about people, stones and glass houses.

But more than anything, this is just sad.

I have no choice: this calls for the dreaded "Kirk & Picard double-face-palm"...

I have no choice: this calls for the dreaded “Kirk & Picard double-face-palm”

You know, if someone was writing a character in a book who was so utterly oblivious to their own divisive rhetoric and hypocrisy, night in and night out, most book reviewers wouldn’t take it seriously. Such a character would be said to be unbelievable, lacking in depth and nuance. The character would be called a cartoon, a joke, and ridiculed as a “strawman” personified. He’d be seen as some cheap, two-dimensional caricature which the author created to make that side of the political spectrum look ridiculous.

And yet, Chris Matthews exists. He’s real, with actual viewers (not very many, to be sure, but still). This is a man who collects a handsome paycheck to spew this nonsense, and seems to actually expect sentient individuals to take his blather at face value.

Sorry, Chris: that ship has sailed. You are now a bigger joke than the old line about the chicken crossing the road. You’ve fallen into Pauly Shore-level self-satire, except you’re not playing it for laughs.

Which is too bad, really, since that’s pretty much all you’re getting.

20 responses to “Unreal: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is suddenly appalled by “hyperbolic” language

  1. Another classic tactic of the Left: Whatever YOU are doing, criticize the Right for doing it, even though they AREN’T and YOU ARE.

    With your coverage of Chris’ comments, you’ve now DOUBLED the actual number of people who saw it live.

    PS: Did you really have to insult Pauly Shore? C’mon!

    • “With your coverage of Chris’ comments, you’ve now DOUBLED the actual number of people who saw it live.” … ROFLOL! 😀

    • When Pauly stopped having respect for himself, I merely followed suit…

      And yes, Matthews doesn’t receive much in the way of ratings, BUT: the folks inside the Washington beltway absolutely DO listen to him.
      Once of the reasons for the disconnect: politicians actually think MSNBC has influence, and thus pay attention to ‘Morning Joe’ and Matthews’ show.

      That is their power, and why I continue to give him my attention: because I know that Chris has theirs.

      • Even though he worked in previous administrations and within the DNC, I just have a hard time with the thought that, other than similarly-minded Lefties, ANYONE takes him seriously….

        But….YOU are probably right. …..Sigh…..

  2. … “do as I say, not as I do” … the progressive mantra.

    • They’re alarmingly good at that, Teach.

      The irony being: weren’t most of these folks proud members of the “Question Authority” crowd back in the 60’s?

      • I have a theory on that. :p

        In the 60’s the ‘liberals’ were stoned all the time. The psychedelic drugs they consumed twisted and morphed their perception of reality. Over time, as the natural course of ‘growing up’ occurred, rather than conservatism or rationality (as which most people grow up into), the ‘side effects’ of their psychedelic experience turned their ‘love & peace rose colored glasses liberalism’ into… well, what we see today. The aging ‘hippies’ are NOT hippies any more (imagine ominous music accompanying that statement)… they are SOMETHING ELSE.

  3. I am thankful for Chris Mathews. For bargain basement bloggers like me, people like him are the ultimate gifts that keep on giving.

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