Choose Life: “Darby’s Story”

Choose life 444

First of all, we were alerted to this by our wonderful friend & blogger-in-arms James (aka “Biltrix“).

With all of the gifts which our society has, there is no gift greater than that of life itself. Likewise, there’s no gift which we treat so cavalierly. Rather than viewing all life with awe and gratitude, too often it is greeted with revulsion, apathy or outright disdain.

In a nation where people have become insensitive to the plight of others to an almost absurd degree, where 17 states fund all or most “medically necessary” abortions, where men like Kermit Gosnell practice their trade for years with impunity, where 90% of Down Syndrome babies are killed in the womb, where infanticide is an actual practice, …we need as many stories like this video (included below) to be seen as possible.

It’s very short yet tremendously powerful.

Please: share it with everyone you can.

8 responses to “Choose Life: “Darby’s Story”

  1. Beautiful… to God be the Glory!

  2. If the MSM would only show these stories, what a difference it would make. Thanks for sharing this, JTR!

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Would you please provide tissues with your posts? My tears are overflowing on my keyboard….

    Mrs. PGH and I just went through this with someone very close to us. It was a brutal time during the young lady’s decision making process, but praise God, she did a “Darby”. We can never thank The Lord enough…..

  4. Beautiful….thanks

    All for God’s glory

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