Local businesses advertise they are ‘Gun Free Zones’. What could go wrong?

The Anti-2nd Amendment crowd is at it once again, this time agitating for businesses in Seattle to advertise their defenselessness to the whole, wide world.

Yeah, that’ll work out well:

(Seattle’s King5 News) – Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is partnering with Washington CeaseFire to launch a new program designed to help local businesses become “Gun Free Zones.”

Businesses will be able to opt into the program by visiting  www.washingtonceasefire.org, signing the pledge to participate, and placing a “Gun Free Zone” decal in their window.

Gun Free zone 747646

“We are here to support businesses that do not wish to have guns on their premises” McGinn said in a statement. “The police department regularly enforces trespass laws when a visitor to a business violates that business’s rules.

We will continue to do so, and I thank these businesses for standing up for the safety of their customers.”

So, by advertising you have a Gun Free Zone in your store, this is somehow “…standing up for the safety of their customers“? 


This is a classic example of theory vs. reality. Leftists and their theories are BFFs, whether we’re talking about the environment, the 2nd Amendment, Health Care, or anything else.

In every case, the theory’s efficacy is secondary to how it makes them feel. And if it makes them feel good and their intentions are pure, they’ll continue to evangelize it with a fervor that would shame a Baptist preacher.


And so it is with Gun Free Zones, as pointed out by Instapundit a few months ago. They are dangerous (obviously) since the bad people WITH the guns know no one ELSE will have a gun in such locations, thus making it somewhat less difficult than shooting fish in a barrel.

gun-freeBut there’s hope for these folks, as Project Veritas proved a few months back.

If you’ll recall, PV went door-to-door with signs which read “This Home is Proudly Gun Free. Not so surprisingly, no one was willing to place the signs in their yard, even among folks who were publicly outspoken proponents of Gun Control.

Yes, even hardened, East Coast liberals figured out that criminals might interpret “Gun Free Zone” as meaning something completely different from its intent (“Hmmm, that place is safe to rob, …and that place. OH! and that one!…”).

Just a thought: maybe the business owners in Seattle should watch the video below, to maybe learn from their liberal brethren 3,000 miles away?

And if anyone would like to send a copy to Seattle’s Mayor, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either.

23 responses to “Local businesses advertise they are ‘Gun Free Zones’. What could go wrong?

  1. They’re in for big trouble and it serves them right! STUPID!!!!!!!

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Sandy Hook Elementary School: SPECIFICALLY targeted because it was “gun free”. When will people finally see through this bunk that “gun free” zones mean you’re safe?

    When I had my biz in inner-city Pittsburgh, you didn’t work for me unless you had a C.C.P., AND a weapon. Everyone in the “hood” knew it, and in 10+ years we did not have a SINGLE robbery attempt.
    Maybe we were just “lucky”?

    • As I mentioned yesterday (and whole bunch of other times, too): criminals don’t obey laws.
      That’s sort of an essential “given” when dealing with criminals.

      But no, the Lefties will continue down this road, and the next time something tragic occurs, they’ll blame guns again.
      Count on it…

  3. We should advertise that “no idiot politicians” are allowed to run for office! Washington DC would become a Ghost Town!

  4. Watch the press conference and be amazed… They city Sandy Hook, Columbine and Virginia Tech as reasons why we need gun free zones. http://www.seattlechannel.org/videos/video.asp?ID=1061392&file=1&vidSize=medium

    • Amazed? No.
      Incredibly saddened? Yes.
      The Left never seems to learn from their mistakes. Makes me all the more convinced that evolution isn’t real.
      If it were, they’d all have died out by now.

      Thanks for stopping by, AndrewsDad.
      Hope to see you back again soon!


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  6. I guess a criminal knows where to go now and reek chaos without fear of being stopped by some dastardly law abiding citizen with a gun.

  7. Reblogged this on Trebor Fairwell and commented:
    Genius ideas from genius people (said with a flavor of sarcasm).

  8. Aurora, Colorado, the theater where the shootings took place was another gun free zone. The killer had to travel out of his way to get to this, the only theater that was GUN FREE.

    These people are absurd. I think they just don’t read facts. They should be forced to read John Lott, Jr.’s More Guns Less Crime.

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  10. It seems obvious enough to me: “Gun free” means it costs nothing to enter with your gun to collect money and valuables from those within…

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