(VIDEO) Seattle Mayor attempts to defend his “Gun Free Zone” campaign

Below is a video follow-up to our post from a few days back: “Local businesses advertise they are ‘Gun Free Zones’. What could go wrong?“…

Gun Free zone 747646In this interview, Greta repeatedly asks him if he agrees that the “Gun Free Zone” signs make these businesses more of a target for criminals (gee, ya’ think?). Each time, Mayor McGinn responds to her questioning as if he has a hearing disorder, and we’re treated to various versions of “businesses have the right to refuse service to people with a gun”, …which, you’ll kindly note, is not an actual answer to the question posed.

The inability of the Left to see the logical, inevitable result of putting their ideology into practice is truly a sight to behold.

And remember: these folks consider themselves to be the “Smart” ones.

9 responses to “(VIDEO) Seattle Mayor attempts to defend his “Gun Free Zone” campaign

  1. livinrightinpgh

    A scene in a Seattle business with the gun free zone sticker:
    Shop owner: May I help you?
    Criminal: give me all of your money!
    Shop owner: the mayor says I can refuse to serve you! So there!


    BTW: When did Plaxico Burress’ son move to Seattle?

    • I’m thinking the “Bang” may come quicker than that, Pgh, unless the crook possesses a particularly wry sense of humor.
      (And yes, I LOVE the Plaxico reference…!)

  2. I knew I would need to wear my helmet while watching this video!

    • Don’t make me link the big hamster ball again, Bret!!

      And if you thought one watching was bad, trust me: that dude makes even less sense on the second viewing.

  3. Logic is not in his repertoire.

  4. That mayor is completely insane!

  5. I happened to hear the interview in real time. Why did this man continue to smile regardless of what was pointed out to him or questioned. Are they all on drugs out there??

    • livinrightinpgh

      Whatever drug it is, they should have read the warning label: “Side effects include a COMPLETE loss of logical reasoning….”

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