An #NRA/Colion Noir double-shot: “Compromise” and “More Gun Laws”

NRA 55We haven’t linked anything from Mr. Colion Noir for too long, so consider these two videos an apology of sorts.

The first clip concerns the constant bleating from the anti-firearm-folks that 2nd Amendment advocates need to “compromise” more, which is a complete and total laugh. We’ve been compromising for years: when does the Anti-gun movement ever compromise? They legislate away more freedoms, but they never “give-up” anything: they just fail to get everything they demand.

That’s like a mugger only taking 20% of my cash, or just losing my leg in a shark attack.


Of course, the GOP has been hearing the same complaint from Obama for years, as demonstrated by this Ramirez cartoon from 2012:

ramirez-the-compromise 313

Hmmm: Obama, the Democrats and the Gun Controllers, all using the same “strategy”. Coincidence?

The second clip refers to newly proposed gun control laws in the state of California, and you can read more about them here.

Basically, the laws-to-be further restrict the ability to purchase guns by law-abiding citizens. Incredibly, the “Guns R Bad” crowd seems unable to comprehend that only 9% of guns used in the commission of crimes are obtained from either Gun Shows (0.7%) or Retail Outlets (8.3%). The rest come from family or friends, or are obtained illegally. Which means newer/fancier/bigger gun laws won’t help, …’cause crooks don’t obey laws.

It’s actually kinda’ impressive how the Left is able to completely ignore that startlingly obvious fact. Go figure…

2 responses to “An #NRA/Colion Noir double-shot: “Compromise” and “More Gun Laws”

  1. livinrightinpgh

    You really struck a nerve with the comments on “compromising”…..When….. I say….WHEN will the Right realize that there is NO compromise that is acceptable with the gun-grabbers? Like you say, we start out with the 2nd Amendment at 100%. Then we compromise away 20% of that. Now, the Left attacks that remaining 80% and we loose another 25%, so now we’re at 60% of where we SHOULD BE. And…..the erosion of compromise continues to its predetermined end: NO GUNS (for you and me.) Oh, the government will have theirs, to be sure.

    The quicker folks wake up and realize that this has NOTHING to do with “safety” and EVERYTHING to do with disarming the citizenry so that they can NOT rise up against, or resist a tyrannical government, the better off we’ll ALL be.

  2. The left had to demonize the grammas and grampas in the tea party rallies in 2010 because they FEAR us.
    That’s also the reason for the ruling class to further restrict our ARMS.
    Besides, our police have NO DUTY TO PROTECT US.
    Their only duty is to apprehend and arrest criminals. I posted those Supreme Court decisions some time ago and in the research, BOY! was I shocked!
    EVERYONE SHOULD BE ARMED AT ALL TIMES. In this culture of unrestrained human sin and desire, we are no longer safe anywhere.

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