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Of Plastic Bags and Bondage (or, “How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bag”)

The ubiquitous plastic bag, found everywhere from grocery stores to Best Buy, is in the news again.

bag-idiotsFirst of all, it seems that the Washington Post has endorsed a proposed “plastic bag tax” in Maryland, which is designed to lessen people’s use and desire for the item.

However, it seems they left out one rather salient fact in their endorsement:

“….the Post failed to mention is that the bill, SB 576 — entitled the “Community Cleanup and Greening Act of 2013 — specifically EXEMPTS plastic bags used to wrap NEWSPAPERS, an exemption which obviously favors the Washington Post company…”

Why, that certainly seems odd? I’m sure that the Post had NO idea that the exemption was even there…


Elsewhere, the former mayor of Solana Beach, CA, has decided to recant her previous allegiance to the War On Bags. Courtesy of 10news.com:

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