Why are there no “Liberal Browncoats”?

I’ve followed John Hayward’s writing since his early days over on HotAir.com, when he went by “Doctor Zero”. He specialized in wonderful and inventive pieces, seamlessly melding pop culture and classic references into posts that made me wish like crazy I’d written them.

Last week was definitely one such post.

Here’s just the first part:

“…A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend of liberal persuasion about the cult-classic TV series Firefly – which, particularly in its concluding theatrical film, is one of pop culture’s strongest parables about libertarianism and rebellion against authority.  If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it was a science-fiction program about a space-faring band of lovable rogues, some of whom fought in a losing rebellion against their totalitarian government.  The rebels were known as “Browncoats,” which also became a nickname for fans of the show.

Firefly - 8899

My liberal friend, noting that the creator of “Firefly,” Joss Whedon, is outspokenly of the Left himself, suggested that perhaps liberal and conservative anti-authoritarians might have more common ground than they realize.  It’s an interesting common ground upon which to begin a dialogue.  If we agree on reducing the level of authority over our lives, surely we could set aside some of our differences over why we “aim to misbehave,” to borrow a memorable “Firefly” quote.  Or, at the very least, we could agree that we don’t want any more authoritarian control, regardless of whether the prospective tyrants claim they would use their new power for causes of the Left or Right.

I’ll be more than happy to join in that dialogue, just as soon as someone points me at the liberal Browncoats.  I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.  Because in the current American political environment, liberalism and authoritarianism are synonymous. Nothing about the Left’s agenda is a suggestion.  Obedience is mandatory, and escape is impossible.  

When a person of liberal inclination loses interest in using compulsive force, he stops being liberal, under the current definitions of the term…” 

Please click the link below for the rest. It’s not only worth reading: it’s well worth sharing, too.

In Search Of Liberal Browncoats” 

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4 responses to “Why are there no “Liberal Browncoats”?

  1. The Liberal argument today is pure evil that is perpetrated on an uneducated class under the guise of either “fairness” or “capitalism has kept you down”. The reality is that they seek to place themselves as the dictatorial ruling class who keep watch over the sheep.

  2. The State has grown so large that it has a bureaucratic inertia that can’t be properly described as “Left” or “Right” – the machine feeds itself, with no hard feelings to the people it consumes, and little concern for whether they style themselves liberal or conservative.

    The firmly entrenched bureaucracy is distinctly leftist/progressive, so it doesn’t matter who is “in charge”, Republicans or Democrats. And more often than not, the decisions made by these faceless bureaucrats favor more control, less freedom. I know you’ve seen the photo with the cabinet full of the 80,000+ pages of new regulations as opposed to the small stack of papers on top of it that shows the number of laws actually put through Congress and signed into law by the President.

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