The Corruption of #MLK’s Dream

MLK in hoodie 4When the Photoshopped image of Martin Luther King in a Trayvon-esque hoodie started to make the rounds on Twitter and other social media the other day, I was appalled.

But it got me to thinking…

If we were to somehow reanimate MLK from some futuristic Cryo-chamber and let him wander the country again, I have a feeling he’d be extremely disheartened by what he saw. First of all, I highly doubt that he would endorse his visage in the hoodie, an impression shared by his niece, Alveda King.

Secondly, Dr. King might sorely be tempted to conclude (in direct contrast to his oft-repeated dream) that racism today was to blame for seemingly every failing of our proud nation. 

The Zimmerman trial alone would have made that crystal clear, especially if he were unlucky enough to be stuck in a hotel that only offered him MSNBC. But the racial circus surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin barely scratches the surface; many more examples abound which would reinforce his initial perception.

For instance, he’d be told that:

Voter ID is Poll tax 7

But if I were sitting with Dr. King in that imaginary hotel room, I’d tell him that race in the U.S.A. has predominantly become a cudgel which one sector of the populace (liberals/Democrats) uses to beat another sector (Conservatives/Tea Partiers/Republicans).

For evidence, please refer to my list above. 

Does racism still exist, both here and around the world? Sadly, yes. But throughout World History it always has and, to one extent or another, it likely always will.

A less obvious observation, and one never even whispered by the MSM, is that despite (or maybe BECAUSE of) the pandering and blathering by many on the Left, it seems that Caucasians are not viewed by the Man On The Street as the ones with the primary problem with race. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, even the black population thinks that blacks are more racist than whites.

From the Washington Times:  

“Rasmussen found in its national telephone survey that 37 percent of U.S. adults believe blacks are racist, compared to 15 percent and 18 percent regarding whites and Hispanics, respectively, as racist. The report stipulated that the respondents were asked about ethnic groups in America, not around the world.

Among black Americans, 31 percent think most blacks are racist, while 24 percent consider most whites racist and 15 percent view most Hispanics that way. Among white adults, 10 percent think most white Americans are racist, 38 percent believe most blacks are racist and 17 percent say most Hispanics are racist.”

Is this true? Who knows? But it certainly puts the lie to the Media’s bleating that day-to-day racism is a “whites-only” issue:

racist baby newsweek cover_thumb[1]

I don’t pretend to hold the answers here. Such a complex, multifaceted issue will not be solved by a single blog post, or even a raft of them. But nor will it be solved or even marginally helped by the constant haranguing by the Race Hustlers in our society for us all to become more “aware” of racism.

Holy heck, sometimes it seems that race is the ONLY thing of which we’re aware.

No, we don’t need more “awareness”. What is needed is more honesty. What we need to do is focus on our commonalities as people, and as Americans. What’s needed is the freedom to IGNORE our racial differences, in order that we might get past them.

Because only when we don’t care what our differences are can we ever truly fulfill Dr. King’s dream of a color-blind society.

MLK - live together as brothers

Sadly, as we’ve just seen throughout the Zimmerman trial and the predictable pontificating which has followed it, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

21 responses to “The Corruption of #MLK’s Dream

  1. Sadly, I believe, “we will perish together as fools.” *sigh*

    Excellent entry JTR… ty

    • Well, we’re pointing that way, but we’re not DESTINED to keep going.
      We need a cultural change, and that means a heart change.
      And so, we continue to try to change minds and hearts, …just like EVERY day.

      Thanks, Teach.

  2. It truly speaks to the complete dishonesty of the Left and Race-baiters in our society that they seek to turn what is a case of self defense into a discussion of race/hate crimes, vitriol against “stand your ground” laws, and gun safety. The prosecutors in the Martin/Zimmerman case didn’t even find justification to bring charges against Zimmerman, and it wasn’t until there was an outcry from usual suspects that they (the prosecutors – fearing public violence if they did NOT file charges) went forward with the trial. Forgive me for being a purist, but public outrage can NOT triumph over THE LAW.

    An investigation by the FBI that lasted over a year found ZERO evidence of any racist activities, statements, or affiliations on behalf of Mr. Zimmerman. Still, you have that HYPOCRITE, Eric Holder, continuing to pursue Zimmerman on civil rights charges. Clearly unsatisfied that Mr. Zimmerman was acquitted, he ONCE AGAIN uses the power of the U.S. government to slap around an innocent citizen. Where was this same passion for “civil rights” in the NBPP voter intimidation case? Oh, that’s right: “We don’t prosecute our own.”…..Nice. Real nice.

    Mr. Holder goes on to say at the NAACP event the other day, that he has had to “sit down and chat” with his children because of this case. Well, Mr. Holder, perhaps you should be talking to your children about being wary of OTHER blacks in their community. 92% of all homicides involving the death of a black man between the ages of 17 and 27 are committed by OTHER BLACK MEN.

    So, Mr. Holder, while you make a spectacle out of George Zimmerman, and continue to stoke the flames of racial animus, (where NONE exists), over 200 young black men have died in black on black crime in Mr. Obama’s beloved Chicago since the night Mr. Martin died.

    Were he alive today, Rev. King, speaking from the Conservative side of the chamber would excoriate such behavior.

    • And now I see the difficulty you’d have on Twitter…

      You’re right, of course: the media/Dems/libs will continue to portray Conservatives as hateful, racist, bigots… because they must. But it’s merely an outgrowth of a warped ideology which has given up objective, eternal truths for subjective, ephemeral ones.

      I’m as optimistic as anyone I know…., but this is enough to even get ME down.

  3. As long as the race baiter hold sway, and the media trumps reason as the purveyor of a distorted truth, America will never come together.

    • I agree… due to the spiritual state of mankind. Heck, I believe the world has entered into its last days (how long they are, I know not) but that is one reason why I have no ‘faith’ that America will ever be the nation she once was. This is my belief and I would never bum out others and squash their hope… but I think people need to ‘be ready’ (spiritually speaking) just in case.

      • godsbooklover

        Sadly, I completely agree with you, Teach. Maranatha!

        • … may God’s Will be done in earth, as it is in heaven, AMEN

          I have always been a patriotic, America loving gal… but what I love, is our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the original writings and papers of our Founders. What we have today, is far, far from that picture. I do not (my opinion of course) see the genie being put back into the bottle. We, as a nation, as a people, have gone too far. I am a fighter… which is why I have been extremely politically active (above and beyond my normal) for the past 10+ years… but I do not think I will be going down that road anymore. I feel it laid upon my heart to ‘come out of her My people’ and focus my energy, my ‘fight’, in other areas. I care deeply about mankind… each of us, made in the Image of God, has a personal choice. To me, that is more important than any nation, any civilization, etc… Does this make sense to you GBL? I know it does not, to some of my patriotic brothers and sisters, and I sometimes feel like they get disgusted because they think I have ‘given up the fight for America’… I have not, I have just come to peace with reality.

          • Indeed it does, Teach. JTR knows I’m the vastly less political head. But I support the truth being told on important issues, and try to see the eternal perspective on things. My brother feels I bring some balance to the blog, and I’m happy to assist him in trying to touch individual hearts and minds.

            • Don’t sell yourself short, Sissy: you are excellent when you sink your teeth into a political topic. Trust me on this one: I read as much or more of this stuff as anybody.
              You simply don’t choose to go that route very often, is all.

              And there is NO question that you bring a much-needed sense of balance to our virtual watercooler.
              (A) I stink at writing the religious/spiritual stuff that you do, and that’s crucial. Plus:
              (B) “ONE Head is better than One” wouldn’t even make any sense

        • I will give it to 2014. We shall see if anyone cones forward to inspire the voters to take back their country. I want to feel I did all I could to save our blessed country.

          • … and those were my exact words in 2011, except the ‘2014’ was 2012. I went full speed and strong, a last ditch effort, for the republican party. HA! Most of them are the same as the dems.

  4. WOW ! great post. It is so sad MLK’s vision for America and it’s people has become so distorted. We are all God’s creation with different levels of Melanin, that is our difference. I know, I am a racist to believe this. I remember a few years ago Bill Cosby was speaking out about black society’s dysfunctions and they even called him a racist.

  5. Everything about this incident is ridiculous! The fact that it got national attention at all; the fact that it only got national attention because the one killed was black and the last name of the one who pulled the trigger was “Zimmerman”; the race riots from childish buffoons screaming for justice while purposefully assaulting and vandalizing people who had nothing to do with the incident that happened 2,000 miles away. It’s so inane I don’t even know how to respond to it except in anger. (One reason I’ve stayed away from it with my writing. 🙂 )

  6. Obama Interrupts Press Conference to Comment on Zimmerman Verdict: ‘Trayvon Martin Could’ve Been Me 35 Years Ago’


    • The man is simply a contemptible human being.

      • OMGOSH! It gets worse!

        “With total disregard to a Florid court’s ruling Barack Obama stopped by the White House press conference today and encouraged more Trayvon protests.”

        • Well, I don’t know if that clip actually ‘encourages’, but it sure does not discourage!

          I MISS THE DAYS OF STRONG, PATRIOTIC LEADERS! Whenever this nation was dealing with …….(insert anything here)……. they would give a speech, which uplifted, united and filled the American people with pride!

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