Jay Carney denies that #Obamacare is creating a Tsunami of Part-time jobs

***UPDATE as of 8-27-13:  …and the numbers keep getting worse, by the way (via Forbes.com).

Carney - Lying

You have to hand it to Jay Carney: most folks would choke on words like these:

Okay, Jay, I’ll bite. Let’s take a look at the “facts”, shall we?

First up, here’s a report on the June employment numbers from Forbes.com:

“There were no net full time jobs created last month. The number of full time jobs actually declined by at least 162,000 on net last month.

All of the net new jobs created last month were part time jobs. The Labor Department reported, “The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons…increased by 322,000 to 8.2 million in June. These individuals were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job.” (emphasis added).

Of course, maaaaybe this is all just a weird coincidence. Maybe employers ARE just deciding, en masse, that (for no reason in particular, mind you) they’d suddenly like to have a whole bunch of part-time employees, rather than full-time ones.


Ehhhh, guess again:

“Some restaurant owners are remaking their work forces as they prepare for requirements from the federal Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

The Wall Street Journal reports restaurants and bars have been adding an average of 50,000 jobs monthly since April, which is about twice the growth rate of 2012. Some say they’re hiring in greater numbers to bulk up their part-time staffs, so they can reduce their reliance on full-time workers.

The health law requires employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent workers to offer health insurance to all employees working 30 or more hours a week.”

And then there’s this, from the Washington Free Beacon:

A Texas entrepreneur was forced to sell some of his CiCi’s Pizza restaurants because the Obamacare employer mandate would have cost him $30,000 out of his payroll, KETK-NBC reports.

Bob Westbrook did the math when the act passed and realized he had to make cuts because of the federal health insurance law. Delayed until 2015, it requires companies with 50 or more workers offer affordable insurance or face fines of up to $3,000 per employee.

obamacare screw 8

“We knew that we had a decision to make,” Westbrook said. “That decision came very swiftly and quickly. When we sold two of our CiCi’s pizzas here in Tyler and we retained the one in Longview … that got us underneath the 50 employees.”

So, we have the number of part-timers being hired going up (inexplicably), while the numbers of full-timers going down (it’s a mystery!), and all the while employers are flat-out saying that they’re doing this as a DIRECT RESULT of Obamacare!

Wow, Carney is right!! I mean, who could possibly draw any inference from all THAT?


Which reminds me of Charles Krauthammer’s backhanded compliment of Jay Carney from a few weeks back. Being able to spin obvious facts as inconsequential rhetoric truly is a talent, qualifying Carney as one seriously talented stooge guy:

19 responses to “Jay Carney denies that #Obamacare is creating a Tsunami of Part-time jobs

  1. livinrightinpgh

    “The facts just don’t support that”, eh, Jay? Well, you clearly need to get a better, more accurate SOURCE for your facts. Your “Facts for Liars” book is not worthy of quoting.

    But, can you really fault Carney? Employees reflect their employer. In this light, Jay has Obama as a role model, and THAT man can’t get HIS facts straight either. As a role model, he’s failing Jay miserably.

    • Why do I get the feeling that Carney is not really following Obama’s lead, as much as he is a like-minded fellow-traveler?

      But regardless, Carney is the weaseliest spokes-weasel I’ve seen in years, and that includes Gibbs, Mike McCurry, Joe Lockhart and Dee Dee Myers.
      I’d even throw Scott McClellan in there, as I never cared for him too much.

      The late Tony Snow was the very best in the last couple of decades, by far.
      We could use a person of his caliber again, THAT’s for sure.

  2. I’m surprised that he even know what they were talking about, his normal response is “I didn’t see that, I didn’t hear that, I can’t say”, talk about the proverbial 3 monkeys.

  3. In this case the 3 monkeys have turned into one jackass.

  4. ugh. I got the heebie jeebies just visiting this post. No offense intended JTR, it is the subject matter that pukes me out, not the delivery 😉

    “Carney is the weaseliest spokes-weasel”… EVER. He takes the cake, he wins the prize.

    Wow, you sure do have a lot of honest FACTS here… maybe we could just send a link to ‘ol carn, the lap dog, and then he can than get his info straight? Ya think?


    • His brain seems to be coated with a sort of anti-factual Teflon, so that nothing REAL sticks.

      Plus, I admire your fortitude in reading the post, REGARDLESS of the heebie-jeebies you were experiencing!!
      Thanks, Teach….


  5. Facts are irrelevant when compared to the “truths” held by the administration.

  6. Reblogged this on Aewl's Abode and commented:
    Yet another great post from the featured blog of the month.

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