(The obvious question being: Smarter than WHAT?): “Obama lays out his Vision for #SMARTER Govt”

Be afraid; be VERY afraid.

(via USAToday) – “President Obama has added events to his Monday schedule — a Cabinet meeting and a statement on his “management agenda” for “smarter government.”

obama rric

In a statement, the White House said Obama will discuss progress in three key areas: “Delivering government services better, smarter and faster … finding ways to reduce waste and save taxpayers money; and … opening up huge amounts of government data to give entrepreneurs and businesses the ability to create jobs and solve problems.”


Haven’t I heard that phrase before?

Oh, THAT’s right: “Better/stronger/Faster”.

Close enough…

six million dollar man 1


Given Obama’s record of “success” on the economy thus far, I’d be waaay more optimistic of success if he was announcing plans for a super-powered Bionic Man, quite honestly.

Which is why I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and make the following wager: I’m guessing that ANYTHING Obama is proposing will not only NOT accomplish his stated intent (that’s practically a given, at this point), but that it will actually cost us whole bunches more than a measly Six Million Dollars, or even Six HUNDRED Million Dollars.

Any takers?



26 responses to “(The obvious question being: Smarter than WHAT?): “Obama lays out his Vision for #SMARTER Govt”

  1. The inclusion of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ just made this post. So LOVED that show when I was knee high to a grasshopper! 😉

    • I was a huge fan of SMDM back in the day. Heck, virtually EVERY boy (and lots of the girls, too) in my school spent many a recess running around in slo-mo, making bionic, “ta-na-na-na-na….” noises!

      As for Obama’s announcement, I’m guessing this new “better, smarter, faster” initiative will have somewhat less impact on our culture.
      Just a guess…


      • My cousins and I used to jump off the barn roof, into hay or onto tractors, etc… while being ‘bionic’.

        • I bought all five seasons of SMDM for my boys, and I’ve watched many of them with them.

          I was pleased that it holds up quite well today, especially the first couple of seasons.

          • … totally off topic, LOL, but I have the entire serious of The Greatest American Hero on DVD… love it! 😀

            obama (and most all of government) is a joke (nicest word I can use). Both the Bionic Man and TGAH are more believable. Too bad the ‘joke’ is on America.

  2. godsbooklover

    That’s a sucker bet.

  3. livinrightinpgh

    He will “…discuss progress in three key areas: “Delivering government services better, smarter and faster…”? REALLY??!! THAT….should be a very BRIEF discussion.

    “Ok…..what’s our progress been in these 3 areas?”


    “Well! If there’s nothing more to do here, I’ll be able to make my 1PM tee time!”

    How “low” of a “low-information voter” do you HAVE to be in order NOT to get sick of this empty rhetoric?

    BTW: WHAT data do you need to give out to spur job creation and solve problems? This over-bloated Government IS the problem.

    • Answer to your 1st question: “VERY, VERY low…”.
      Answer to your 2nd: It’s just a smokescreen, and an excuse to necessitate the creation of BIGGER gov’t.

      Because above all else, government must ALWAYS grow bigger!!!

      • livinrightinpgh

        I’m sure there are a number of other governmental departments that are “IRS” wannabes, eh?

  4. In government speak “better”, “smarter”, and “faster” are merely different words for “bigger” so the translation is ” bigger, bigger and bigger government.”:

    The ONLY “better” government is limited government.

    • Exactly true, Hatfield.

      Better ALWAYS means BIGGER to these people, which is why they’re so horrified at even the THOUGHT of downsizing any aspect of Government.
      That’s also why they portrayed the Sequester as the Apocalypse.

      To their way of thinking, it’s THEIR world, and we’re just livin’ in it.
      Predictable, and yet very, very scary….

      Good to see you again, brother!!
      We missed ya…

  5. Reblogged this on Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life and commented:
    Oblahma is not smart, just clever and mostly he just rants and blah blahs about how little he really knows!

  6. Faster…that should put a shiver down one’s spine.

  7. I was gonna take the bet until I saw Obama’s name mentioned. I agree with your Sis…sucker bet. 😉

  8. I like this post! I saw the story yesterday somewhere, can’t remember where exactly and thought about mentioning it over at C&H but got too busy here at work. You did a much better job than I would have! Very cool stuff here!

    • Thanks for the kind words, C&H; delighted you enjoyed it!

      BTW: I always appreciate your visits; you’ve been in our ‘BlogRoll’ almost since we started here…

      All the best!

      • Thank you! I remember when I first visited your blog and try to get here fairly often. I don’t get to comment very much as I do 95% of my blogging at work, so my blogging time is limited. They actually expect me to do some work around here to get paid! What’s the world coming to? 🙂

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