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Obama’s Warped Vision of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’

Robert - DejaReviewerIt is plainly evident that President Barack Obama doesn’t respect the Constitution of the United States. He’s content to sidestep Congress in order to illegally appoint people to Cabinet positions, change existing laws on his latest whim, and completely ignore laws with which he doesn’t agree.

Why is he setting so many dangerous precedents? Even if you favor his policies, it should concern all of us that he’s being so brazen in overstepping his Constitutional authority to implement them.

Executive-Power- 5574


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Remember “Julia”? She’s back, …and thanks to #Obamacare, she’s not doing too well

If you think back to the 2012 presidential campaign, a major storyline was Obama’s “Julia”: a PR storyboard which detailed the hypothetical cradle-to-grave, government-assisted life of a woman receiving everything from Headstart to college loans; from childbirth to Medicare.

Julia - A

It was highly illustrative, since such a life envisioned TOTAL dependence on Big Daddy Government and championed it as an ideal to be pursued, rather than avoided at all costs. It was mocked mercilessly, and rightfully so.

But what if Julia was real: now, …today?

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Freedom?? – Florida woman living “off the grid” is being evicted from her house

**(Kudos to ‘WChildBlog‘ for bringing this to our attention…)

How many of us have ever wondered aloud about living more simple, less cluttered lives? Regardless of one’s motivation, regardless of whether any of us would actually CHOOSE it for ourselves, living without mankind’s modern “conveniences” does have a certain allure.

As long as we’re not hurting others, isn’t such a decision is up to us? In a free society, isn’t that our choice to make?

And if it’s not, then how free ARE we, …really?

So after this initial article on Fox4 News came out, Cape Coral’s city code enforcement officers showed up and proclaimed Robin Speronis’ house to be “unfit” for human habitation.

Did she have rats? No. Was she mixing dangerous chemicals that could potentially hurt others? No. Did she owe the city money? Again, no. 

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The REAL Lesson of the Shutdown? The Federal Gov’t does way, way, way, way too much…


A couple of the post-Shutdown wrap-ups on the web today are crying about the horrible fall-out of the 16-day furlough for roughly 17% of our Federal Government. In each article, the consensus is the same: the Shutdown had a “crushing” effect on everything from the economy itself, to cancer research, to farm subsidies, and so on, and so forth…

Yet missing in all of the teeth-gnashing and rending of garments is (to me, at least) a fairly obvious question: “why”? WHY would a brief delay in operation of a relatively small percentage of our federal bureaucracy bring about The New Apocalypse?

The question is missing, because they don’t want to even hint at the answer: our Government is doing far, far too much, …THAT’s why.

For example:

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Remember “Buckyballs”? Well, they’re out of business, thx to our Govt… and THAT’s not the WORST part

We’ve mentioned plenty of examples of insane Federal overreach in the past, and maybe none so chilling as what happened to inventor Krister Evertson, or the stultifying case of Steven Lathrop. In both instances, the Government seemed to take peculiar glee in bullying and punishing these men for doing nothing more than legally pursuing their dreams.

Well, we can now add another victim of the Obama Administration’s regulatory Insane Asylum: Craig Zucker.

buckyballs 33Zucker, as you may or may not recall, is the former CEO of Maxfield & Oberton, the small company behind “Buckyballs”, a desk toy for adults which became amazingly popular back in 2009. Unfortunately, the company ran afoul of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which held that the toy was inherently dangerous to children, …even though it was marketed exclusively to ages 14-and-up.

Here’s an interview which aired last year covering the dispute:

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The Problem with the #IRS isn’t HOW it wields its Power. It’s the Power ITSELF

IRS_logo 555In light of the newest round of IRS hearings on Capital HillI asked myself a basic question: “Why are we even having these hearings”? And I answered myself almost immediately: “to look into why the IRS abused its power”.

….and then it hit me that we already know why the IRS abused its power: because it could.

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(The obvious question being: Smarter than WHAT?): “Obama lays out his Vision for #SMARTER Govt”

Be afraid; be VERY afraid.

(via USAToday) – “President Obama has added events to his Monday schedule — a Cabinet meeting and a statement on his “management agenda” for “smarter government.”

obama rric

In a statement, the White House said Obama will discuss progress in three key areas: “Delivering government services better, smarter and faster … finding ways to reduce waste and save taxpayers money; and … opening up huge amounts of government data to give entrepreneurs and businesses the ability to create jobs and solve problems.”


Haven’t I heard that phrase before?

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In this new Age of #Scandal, we’re once again at ‘A Time For Choosing’…

Family-Road-Trip 11I love car rides.

Even as a kid, I enjoyed just getting into the family vehicle. It always seemed to be filled with such promise: a trip to the store, or a hockey game, or maybe the open highway for a family vacation. The cars were bigger back then: more comfortable and built for long land voyages. Plus, since Mom or Dad was driving, I didn’t need to be too concerned about where we were going. I wasn’t nervously glancing at the road atlas, or calculating our fuel levels. Instead, I trusted that the destination would be entertaining, or educational, or wonderful in some way.

Blissfully ignorant, I relied totally on the beneficence of my parents to get us there unscathed, wherever and whatever “there” may be.

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