Bad News, Good News


Yep, that’s Marie!

I’ve just come home quite late from attending my oldest niece’s ballet performance at Masterworks in Winona Lake, IN.  Founded by Patrick Kavanaugh, this annual four-week arts camp brings together young people (age 14 to 26) who are passionate to hone their natural abilities in a God-honoring atmosphere, with Christians who are professionals in the various artistic disciplines.

The performance was outstanding, and uplifting. I can see clearly how much Marie is growing, as a dancer and as a believer.

The bad news is I’m just too tired to write anything worth reading for Sunday. The good news is that I’ve recently found a fellow WordPress blogger who writes an excellent short devotional blog, 843 Acres, each Monday through Friday.

843 ACRES is the devotional blog affiliated with The Park Forum, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to promote Bible engagement in the urban church. In 400 words or less, 843 ACRES provides a devotional reflection on daily Bible readings.

Here are my two suggestions for specific “back issues” to read today.

1.  Washington’s First Inaugural Address–“Throwback Thursdays” are always a presentation of material written by Christian writers from another era.  On the 4th of July, the material was, quite appropriately, from our country’s very first Inaugural Address.  Read this excerpt and be impressed by Washington’s homage for “The Great Author.”

Center Church book cover2.  Floating God’s Authority on God’s Love–using a concept from Pastor Timothy Keller’s 2012 book, Center Church, this blog post suggests both the major problem facing evangelism today (people like the Good News about God, but they reject the bad news about themselves) and a creative way to engage contemporary culture with both love and truth.

Happy reading! And a blessed Sunday to you all.

8 responses to “Bad News, Good News

  1. Love your turn of phrase there with “people like the Good news about God, but they reject the bad news about themselves”. Powerful and oh so very true for all us.

    • godsbooklover

      Thank you, Greg. I suspect human nature hasn’t changed all that much over the millenia, actually. Every generation’s believers need to find their own way to overcome that good news/bad news barrier to human hearts.

  2. Ditto! God’s too hard for some people. They don’t want to turn from the things that make them feel good. That’s why Christianity is being ridiculed. They don’t see how God will help them. Love is difficult and a challenge each day. No one is perfect. They think they can control their lives, what a shock they’ll be in some day.

    • godsbooklover

      Even for we who believe, God is sometimes hard to comprehend. Keep praying for revival. When the world get really bleak, God’s truth seems to make more sense to people.

  3. livinrightinpgh

    The Bible speaks to the constant battle between The Spirit and the flesh in Galatians 5:17. I honestly don’t believe much has changed over time in that when things are going “good”, folks tend to forget the Author of all things, and, when they face trials and tribulation, they seek the Lord’s help.

  4. livinrightinpgh

    They ARE an interesting study. Just look at Moses leading them out of Egypt. Their trust and faith in God was fickle, at best…

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