Obama had to choose between Freedom and Tyranny in Syria. Guess which one he chose?

Remember back in 2009 after the Iranian elections, when Obama basically did nada to assist the Iranian protests? When our president punted on a chance to knock-out the Anti-American leadership in Iran, and refused to offer ANY real help to the protesters?

Remember how that all worked out? 

Well surprise, surprise, Obama is at it again. It appears he and he alone decided to not arm the Syrian rebels, against the advice of virtually EVERYONE in his administration.


According to Leon Panetta’s and Martin Demsey’s testimony this week, we had the State Department, The Joint Chiefs, the CIA and the Defense Department all in favor of supporting the Syrian rebels…and yet Obama said “uh, …nope“.

So I think I’m being completely fair when I ask: if Obama doesn’t support the rebels, that must mean that he DOES support Syria’s murderous tyrant Bashar al-Assad, correct? Seriously, what other explanation IS there?

Obama seems to have a soft spot for Middle-Eastern despots, or maybe just despots in general.

I wonder why that is?


4 responses to “Obama had to choose between Freedom and Tyranny in Syria. Guess which one he chose?

  1. Is there really any reason to wonder? O loves controversy, and he loves to see government appropriate more power than it should. Perhaps he has such a soft spot for despots because he is one.

    • Hey, 247!

      Since my question was rhetorical, yes, I’d obviously agree that Obama IS one, or at least that he fancies himself to be. He prefers that style of governance; it’s cleaner. A representative republic is just too darn messy and slow to get all the Hope-N-Change he wants, as fast as he wants it.

      Freedom holds no fascination for him; freedom isn’t “Fair”, and you can’t control it. Even as much as he’s changing things, our society must frustrate him terribly.

      **FWIW, this also answers the question: “Why does he not seem to like Canada, England or Israel, our three most stalwart allies?”…

  2. Well, the last thing ANYONE wants is REAL democracy breaking out around the world, right?

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