Essential viewing: Bill Whittle

No time to complete the post I was working on, so today I’ll just share a couple of videos from one of my favorite pundits.

Bill Whittle has been on pajamasmedia since its inception. He’s smart, witty and researches his topics with scrupulous care. Plus, he’s fun to watch.

Two of his better ones in the past few months are as follows:

Bill Whittle: THE VOTE PUMP



Happy viewing…..

2 responses to “Essential viewing: Bill Whittle

  1. Well presented but flawed by the false premise that assisting people in need equals vote buying. All those helped by the government are not just democrats (that is statistically impossible) nor will all of them vote democrat because they received help.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Mr. Whittle, Mad Lib. He’s always entertaining AND informative.

    Of course, I am rather bemused that you didn’t follow what he was actually saying. He never said there was a 100% return-on-investment, as our government dishes out ‘treats’ to the citizenry.

    Rather, he was referring to the way so MUCH of our money was being used in a de facto sense (read as: bribes). Loyalties naturally follow money (employers, donations, etc.,..). So it is with too much of our entitlement spending: SSI, Welfare, WIC, Unemployment, etc.,..

    This fact should be troubling to anyone, ….even someone who happens to be liberal?

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