Have a nice day!

You may wish to sit down for this one.

Last year, southern Arizona fell victim to a natural disaster. Dubbed the Monument Fire (since it started in the Coronado National Monument), it claimed roughly 30,000 acres in a two-week period.


From WND.com:

(The Monument Fire)…denuded the hillsides of vegetation. After the fire, record-breaking monsoon rains hit the region, triggering huge mudslides that left boulders the size of cars tumbling down hillsides.

The slides crushed Tombstone’s mountain spring waterlines and destroyed reservoirs for the town’s main water supply network.

And from kvoa.com:

Tombstone’s main water source are springs bubbling up in Miller Canyon, but the recent flooding after the fire has messed it all up.

Jack Wright, Tombstone’s Water Operator said, “It’s moved some boulders through here. You have seen caverns that didn’t exist. This was a drivable road a month ago.”

And then, …the real disaster happened. A Federal Government agency showed up.

From the dailycaller.com:

George Barnes, Tombstone’s city clerk and manager, explained to The Daily  Caller that since many of the pipelines are in a “wilderness area,” the U.S.  Forest Service will not allow the mechanized equipment needed to fix the  water-lines into the area for environmental reasons.

“We began working with the Forest Service but then we realized and found what  an incredible boondoggle that could be, even though we are very confident we  have a special status because our rights there pre-existed the Forest Service  and even the BLM [Bureau of Land Management]. We were there long before anything  and all we are asking is to fix our stuff,” Barnes said.

And perhaps my favorite quote:

……instead of allowing repairs as has happened in the past, “federal bureaucrats are refusing to allow Tombstone to unearth its springs and restore its water-lines unless [city officials] jump through a lengthy permitting process that will require the city to use horses and hand tools to remove boulders the size of Volkswagens.

Got all that?

A town, here in the United States, in the year 2012, needs to get their drinking water back, and a Federal agency says, “Sure, but please use machinery from ….the 1800’s, okay? Have a nice day!”

Tombstone is fighting this in court, but they need to win quickly, since a slow victory will still be a loss for whatever townspeople are left.


This whole fiasco is eerily reminiscent of the California case back in 2009 with the San Joaquin Valley vs. the delta smelt, the main difference being this time the concern isn’t people’s livelihoods but rather their lives.

I have no idea whether this is merely typical, everyday environmental extremism, or just the latest example of federal overreach gone mad. And I really don’t want to consider the possibility that it has anything to do with President Petulant’s previous issues with the state of Arizona.

That would be impossible……wouldn’t it?

14 responses to “Have a nice day!

  1. Hatfield McCoy

    Pehaps we are overlooking all the new employment possabilities. Manual laborers, draft horse owner/operators, hay suppliers, blacksmiths, chuck wagon food services, etc. Stimulus in action!

  2. You could be right, Hatfield.
    Heck, after what Obama said last year about ATMs & airport kiosks leading to unemployemnt, we should have seen this coming!


  3. Heavy machinery would just tear up the forest.No tourist wants to see that. They should just bring water in from somewhere else.

    • “just bring water in from somewhere else”…?

      Interesting thought, Mad Lib.
      I wonder why that simple idea never crossed their minds?

      It’s obviously infinitely easier and cheaper to locate another water source, untold miles away from their town, and then pay for that water to be pumped or transported there, forever… vs. just fixing their existing, God-given water source, which is free.

      Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Times Change. Pump the water in and leave the forest alone. Better for the town (no mudslides) and the forest (no pipes). So they have to pay for their water now. We all have to make adjustments in our lives.

  4. LivinRightinPGH

    Will water fountains be made available to those intrepid tourists? I think EVERY tourist in America, legal resident or other, has a RIGHT to drinking fountains! Of course, they could always truck in portable water stands, but (gasp!) that would leave TIRE TRACKS in those pristine woods! Perhaps we should just “do” another stimulus and relocate all of those unworthy souls in Tombstone……

    • Hatfield McCoy

      That is just absurd. Water for tourists will be available for sale at the park service wagon train. $6.00 a bottle, no change!

  5. Hatfield McCoy

    Hey Mad Lib! Adjustment? Cutting off the water supply of a city is an adjustment? Used to be we called something like that a “siege.” You know, like an act of warfare. Something the Obama administration is very familiar with, especially when it come to Arizona.

    • Isn’t it more like Arizona attacking Obama? They are still mad about the anti immigration fiasco that they started. Arizona has been throwing mud ever since. Sheriff Joe Arpio’s continued investigation of the “birth certificate” issue (when everybody knows its been settled) is just proof of it.

  6. Reblogged this on YouViewed/editorial and commented:
    Hope you don’t mind but I felt the need to share this with my audience , meager as it is . It’s too good to pass up .

    • Glad you liked it, johngalt. And please feel free to share/link/re-blog, anytime.

      Obviously, I really enjoyed (and agreed with) the items I read over on your site. Will continue to follow!

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