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Chicagoland Shakedown

This special report from the folks at PJTV concerns Chicago specifically, but it’s applicable to our national economy as a whole. Chicago is just one of the worst examples of such practices.

And keep in mind: Chicago is where Obama learned all of his political lessons.

Just sayin’….


Ten minutes long, but too scary to miss.

Blinded by Theory

This morning let Bill Whittle put some learnin’ to ya with his unique blend of history, science, humor and current events.

***Seven minutes***

It’s worth it, as always.

Essential Viewing #2: Bill Whittle

Got several requests for more vids of Mr. Whittle, so I’ll try to remember to include his new stuff on occasion. With that in mind, here’s another clip that you have likely not seen.

And even if you have, it’s worthy of a second viewing.

(Courtesy of pajamasmedia)

Essential viewing: Bill Whittle

No time to complete the post I was working on, so today I’ll just share a couple of videos from one of my favorite pundits.

Bill Whittle has been on pajamasmedia since its inception. He’s smart, witty and researches his topics with scrupulous care. Plus, he’s fun to watch.

Two of his better ones in the past few months are as follows:

Bill Whittle: THE VOTE PUMP



Happy viewing…..