Time to play a little game, shall we?

What if I told you that there was a major, non-profit news site which espoused in its charter that its intended razón para vivir was to combat a “liberal and/or Muslim-influenced ideology in news and commentary”?

Do you think that would make headlines? Generate boycotts? Gin up all sorts of outrageously outrageous outrage?

Yeah, …so do I.

So when I say that this actually exists, you may be wondering just why you haven’t read about it in the Boston Globe, USA Today, or the NY Times. And why you haven’t heard ANY of the talking heads on network TV overwrought that this must be the result of Rick Santorum or G. W. Bush (*shudder*), trying to turn our country into a theocracy.

You haven’t heard about it in any of those places because the company to which I’m referring is Media Matters, and what their IRS application for non-profit status actually said was:

“It is common for news and commentary by the press to present viewpoints that tend to overly promote…a conservative, Christian-influenced ideology“.

I must be watching all the wrong channels.

As far as I can see, each of the three big networks (plus PBS, CNN, MSNBC and most major newspapers) have a distinct bias, but it most certainly is not “to overly promote…a conservative, Christian-influenced ideology”.

So, I’m just gonna wonder aloud here: if this mythical bias really DID exist, and since this “news” has now come to light, wouldn’t we have heard something about it from all of those very same news and commentary outlets? Wouldn’t they be covering the story that they are basically being targeted by Media Matters? Wouldn’t that just make sense? Heck, even on just a couple? The Globe? CBS? Someone?

The very fact that we haven’t heard any such thing puts the lie to the very premise.

One other point: if Media Matters was REALLY so concerned about this “Christian” bias (…actually, that just makes me laugh…), wouldn’t it be nice to actually spell out their focus in their Public Mission Statement?

At least that way, we’d know what truly MATTERS to them.

7 responses to “Agendas

  1. Thank goodness there is a Media Matters that can point out the biases and make the informational field not so tilted as it has been in the past. News should not have the tinge of religion embedded in it.

    • Mad Lib, you should be paid to be this funny.

      “…so tilted as it has been in the past”??

      Seriously, I ask you: in which major papers and/or news networks, exactly, is this overwhelming preponderance of Christian “tilt” in evidence?

      And no, you can’t just say Fox. One little cable-only news channel doesn’t qualify as “tilt”.

      Examples, please……

  2. The Mad Lib might be on to something. It sickens me how far right the major networks lean. Throw in CNBC, MSNBC, CNN and I am completely awashed in the conservative viewpoint. Now I know I can turn to Media Matters and Air America to get my fill of what is right and wrong and good and bad for me. (Does Air America still exist?)

    • Best laugh I’ve had all day, JJ!!

    • LivinRightinPGH

      Air America, (kind of like Solyndra) couldn’t exist without government grants, and now exists only in the fading memories of years gone by. Too bad, because they could have put the Comedy Channel out of business if they could have gotten some advertisers.

  3. LivinRightinPGH

    Dan Rather , Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Rosie, et al, are clearly right leaning commentators who constantly promote Christianity.

    I’d encourage anyone who thinks Media Matters is “non-biased” to read of their recent problems. Seems the only “tilt” they give to their reporting is that of tilting AWAY from the truth, and (as a non profit) violating their tax free status with a mission statement of destroying any conservative. You wanna attack both sides equally, be my guest. But, if a church or minister (other than Rev. Wright) was using the pulpit for political agendas, Media Matters would be screaming for the removal of their tax free status.

    C’mon, Mad Lib……I have “faith” in you to be able to clearly discern and be truthful about the likes of Media Matters. If they wish to denounce their tax free status and state (the obvious) that they are a left-wing propaganda machine, then I’d at least have a little more respect for them.

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