CNN whines about Fox’s imbalanced coverage, …then rants about #Bridgegate and Christie

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I watch CNN only occasionally, but had to laugh this weekend over a pair of segments they aired on Sunday. It was a classic example of unintentional irony, courtesy of our Media ‘betters’.

Brian Stelter has been a CNN host since late last year, having previously worked as a New York Times media reporter. But he’s apparently brought quite a bit of that paper’s famous “perspective” with him to his current gig.

Check out this initial news segment where Stelter finds fault with how Fox News covers the President these days. The essential part is roughly the first 5 minutes, until they start discussing Piers Morgan:

That’s quite a feat, gentlemen. Stelter managed to get in the mandatory “racist” dig at Fox, which Byers immediately agreed with. And then Dylan Byers took it one step further, by initially stating that he wasn’t going to second-guess O’Reilly’s motivation for attending the President’s My Brother’s Keeper event, and then in the very next breath positing the reason for Bill’s attendance as providing a “strange sort of appeal to that old, white audience in sort of a very perverse and maybe troubling way

Well done, guys. Well done.

But what happens next is the pièce de résistance. After trashing Fox News as being so racist and ideological that they only cover the president in order to pander to their audience, CNN then transitions to a 9-minute segment covering …their roughly eight-millionth report on Chris Christie and ‘Bridgegate’.

You simply can’t make this stuff up, gang:

Hey, CNN, you guys are getting destroyed by Fox: every month, every week, and on almost every single day:

“February Cable News Numbers: CNN Tumbles As Fox News Channel Logs 146th Consecutive Win

And it’s news segments like the two I just highlighted above which are primarily to blame.

Maybe for CNN’s next “in-depth” report, they could do a feature on that, eh?

4 responses to “CNN whines about Fox’s imbalanced coverage, …then rants about #Bridgegate and Christie

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Ahh yes…..the desperation of being in a tight race for LAST PLACE. CNN doesn’t even deserve being recognized (even for their stupidity) or commented on by you anymore, JTR.

    “Bridgegate” is another “Watergate”? Hmmm….did they make that comparison when the Clintons were neck-deep in the whole Whitewater scandal?

    • They don’t deserve it, Pgh, but I do it anyway because I’m a “giver”…

      The hilarious part is that I’m convinced they can’t see ANY problem with this. It’s similar to how some polls show a huge number of liberals self-identify as either moderate or independent. And those very same folks are the first to denounce Conservatism as “extreme”.
      Again, having been raised in New England, I was immersed in it for years.

      It’s the old wherever-I-am-is-the-ideological-center shtick, and CNN has it down pat.

  2. I heard CNN was going to change their programming. I hope they start running Loony Tunes…gotta be more stimulating than the dreck they produce now.

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