Patriots: “Boston Bruins fans and our National Anthem”

All of us were horrified by the Boston Marathon Bombings, but there was little that we could do here to shed any new light on the situation. The coverage has been wall-to-wall, major news agencies have gotten stories completely wrong, and others have predictably used the situation to push their preconceived agendas.

-Marathon - Boston 2013

None of it will do anything to fill-in the holes in people’s hearts, placed there by villains’ bombs. None of it will help a loved one, a city, or a country, heal.

The video below, however, shows the true spirit of our country at its very best. Biased as I am towards hockey folk, I’m not surprised that this happened at the first Bruins game since the attack. However, I’ve been watching/rooting for the B’s since I was hardly taller than a pair of skates, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this before.

God Bless Boston, and our nation.

3 responses to “Patriots: “Boston Bruins fans and our National Anthem”

  1. JTR,
    You know I hate the Bruins with the passion of a Habs fan, but that was a truly classy display by the fans.

    • I agree, my friend. Plus, I know how difficult saying kind words about the Bruins normally is for you, so YOUR saying that means more than most.

      In times of real adversity, patriots put aside petty differences and focus on what truly matters.
      Thanks to the B’s fans for exhibiting that, for everyone.

  2. Prayers for all of the families whose lives have been forever changed, either through injury or death of a loved one. I woke this morning to the news of the killing of one of the terrorists, and watched as the manhunt for the second unfolded. Again, prayers for the family of the fallen MIT Officer, and the family of the officer who was also shot, and is struggling for his life.

    Very soon, the conversation will turn to who they are, where they’re from, and the inevitably much debated question of “why”. But for this moment, I pray for all of the families…

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