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“Competence”: City Gov’t installs Dozens of Street Signs, …ALL with the Wrong Info

Right lane must right left 337

Government incompetence is almost ubiquitous these days, and it isn’t limited to the Feds by any stretch. Our local municipalities are more than capable of bollixing things just as thoroughly as the big boys on Capitol Hill.

Case in point, please consider the following:

(via Yahoo! News) – WFXT Fox 25 received a viewer tip that uncovered dozens of erroneous new signs that were placed around Boston, Massachusetts last summer. Mike Beaudet from WFXT’s Fox Undercover looked into the tip and found how wide-spread the problem was.

A glaring example of the blunder was on Commonwealth Avenue where just steps away from each other, a new 2A West sign had an arrow pointing left while the nearby older 2A West sign had an arrow pointing right.

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Hundreds of police descend on suburb after dramatic standoff leaves one bombing suspect dead

We can’t do continual LIVE updates throughout the day, but National Post can. One of our favorite online news sources, they are unusually fair and balanced…

Patriots: “Boston Bruins fans and our National Anthem”

All of us were horrified by the Boston Marathon Bombings, but there was little that we could do here to shed any new light on the situation. The coverage has been wall-to-wall, major news agencies have gotten stories completely wrong, and others have predictably used the situation to push their preconceived agendas.

-Marathon - Boston 2013

None of it will do anything to fill-in the holes in people’s hearts, placed there by villains’ bombs. None of it will help a loved one, a city, or a country, heal.

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