Hundreds of police descend on suburb after dramatic standoff leaves one bombing suspect dead

We can’t do continual LIVE updates throughout the day, but National Post can. One of our favorite online news sources, they are unusually fair and balanced…

10 responses to “Hundreds of police descend on suburb after dramatic standoff leaves one bombing suspect dead

  1. I guess the liberal left will be so disappointed in who the bombers are, wasn’t what they were hoping for. Equally hopeful they can take him one way or another with nobody else being harmed.

  2. I’m still in a state of disbelief over the comments at that they hope the terrorists are white? Seriously, what kind of mental deficiency is THAT on display?

    • An honest one… and thank God.

      It’s about time the Leftist media discarded their alleged “objectivity” and allowed the American People to see them for the Politically Correct narcissists they are.
      I hope they continue, as loudly and as often as possible.

      • Yeah, I hear ya, brother…..still, I just can’t wrap my mind around what it takes to make such an abjectly STUPID comment. How does one even GET to that point, and be able to say something like that with a straight face?

        “Yeah, the bombing is a tragedy, but if it turns out that the perpetrators are white, it won’t hurt our attempts at immigration and visa reform…”


        • Like I said: “politically correct narcissists”.

          They believe that any sacrifice is warranted if it helps to realize their Utopian ideal. That’s why they have no problem with putting a snail, gopher, or bait fish’s welfare over that of a human. Or why women shouldn’t be “burdened” with a child, when a baby is the logical, scientific result of their willful actions (read as: sex).

          Everyone should get a puppy; no one is a “loser”; Capitalism isn’t “fair”; healthcare is a “right”; guns should be outlawed; war never solved ANYthing: and on, and on…

          Reality is not their friend, so they try to change reality itself to conform with their desires.

          I’m begging the MSM: go ahead, do wall-to-wall coverage of your most deep-seated dreams and beliefs. Tell the public what you TRULY think.

  3. I’ll second what Blaine said. Hopefully no one else will get hurt. Praying for everyone’s safety in Boston and that justice will be done according to God’s will. God Bless.

  4. I’m so glad the assassins are ID’d and one is dead. Praying the second will not be able to harm anyone else. Father keep the innocents safe and deal with the evil as you will. Amen.

    This week seems to have been a year long. 😦

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