(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi: “We Don’t Have A Spending Problem…”

Nancy Pelosi

What else do I need to say?

We DON’T have a Spending problem…”???

How many trillions will our nation need to owe until we DO have a “spending problem”, may I ask?

THIS is what passes for wisdom on the Left…and it nauseates me:

14 responses to “(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi: “We Don’t Have A Spending Problem…”

  1. “Nothing brings more money into the Treasury of the United States, than investments in education of the American people…”

    Oh, REALLY Miss Pelosi? If that’s true, I have some questions for you…

    1. We’ve “invested” TRILLIONS in “education” over the last 50 years. As a result, drop out rates are higher, test scores are lower, etc. What was the return on that investment?
    2. If you “invest” MORE in education, how does that help anyone when there are NO JOBS in the economy?

    Again, another GLARING example of abject STUPIDITY when it comes to budget, finance, and economics.

    • Mind-boggling, jaw-dropping idiocy.
      And it’s lauded as “compassion” and/or as the “accepted truth”.

      Is it any WONDER that so many of our high school graduates know NOTHING about economics or history?

      That’s a rhetorical question, obviously…

  2. I’m fairly confident, JTR, that the budget process in your home is much like mine in ours. Yes, there are “priorities” as Ms. Pelosi mentions. BUT….the first “priority” is spending LESS than you are taking in each month! How in the world do they expect the deficit to EVER come down, when they spend 50% more than they take in each year, and continue to print money as if the US Economy was a game of Monopoly?

    ANYONE who listens to that tripe that Pelosi was spewing, and walks away going “Yeah, she got it right”, should not be able to procreate.

  3. This is only about getting more tax revenue and nothing else, that is why they say these idiotic stuff. They are only interested in taking more and not doing less or becoming more frugal with the people’s money. Barack (Ali Baba) and his thieves will keep attempting to steal more of people’s money.

    • Pelosi wants the tax money, yes, but I believe she wants the POWER that comes with it just as much.
      It’s only through further taxation that they can create a nation of subjects. We’re being eaten alive with taxes, and yet our Gov’t isn’t SPENDING too much?

      The irony is that it was over-taxation that initiated the birth of our country in the first place, and here we go again. It’s almost as if our children aren’t being taught history….

  4. Short, sweet and impactful.

    She acts like a half wit but gets away with it.

    The problem I have is with our Republican leaders who never seem to get out a rebuttle. They are the morons. Or maybe not. Perhaps they are too much like Mrs. Pelosi.

  5. Reblogged this on Thepoliticalchef's Blog and commented:
    Yeah, well I remember Chris Rock’s Dad/Boss telling Boehner the same thing…I wonder if Chris Rock’s Dad/Boss knows which Amendment covers the freedom to bear arms?

  6. Oh, that’s right Nan, we have an even bigger big lying problem.

  7. It’s hard for me to comment on Ms. Pelosi’s drivel while at the same time atempting to maintain at least the facade of being a civilized human being. Fortunately, your post and your commentators speak for me.

  8. To liberals the ONLY spending problem we have is on defense…

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