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Nancy Pelosi, and all of the “Hoop-di-doo and Ado” over #Obamacare…

nancy_pelosiAs Dennis Miller famously said about Nancy, way back in 2007:

“She never shuts up…  And occasionally we have to hood her like a falcon so we can get some sleep”. 

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Want to know why Leftists like #Pelosi don’t respect the U.S. Constitution?

ANSWER: Because they don’t have the tiniest inkling what it even is.

Keep in mind, these are her PREPARED remarks. Pelosi didn’t fall prey to some impromptu civics inquisition as she walked down the street: she had to put pen to paper for this. Ahead of time.

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Pelosi knows the REAL reason why we’re focused on Obama’s numerous scandals…

You’ve felt this way before.

It rises from your gut when you make a cogent, incisive argument in opposition to an aspect of the President’s agenda (Obamacare, for instance), …but the person you are talking with blithely retorts, “Oh, you just can’t stand him ’cause you’re a racist”, or “Why do you hate poor people?”

This person has, out-of-the-blue, attributed the absolute worst motivations to your reasoning, and with no justification other than you disagreed with them.

You know that feeling, right?


It’s the half-shock/half-fury sensation, where you honestly can’t believe someone is that stupid, dishonest or closed-minded that they refuse to acknowledge even the logical basis of your argument. You’ve felt it.

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(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi: “We Don’t Have A Spending Problem…”

Nancy Pelosi

What else do I need to say?

We DON’T have a Spending problem…”???

How many trillions will our nation need to owe until we DO have a “spending problem”, may I ask?

THIS is what passes for wisdom on the Left…and it nauseates me:

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