A REBUTTAL to the recent CA-Teacher-Union / Social-Justice / Tax-the-Rich / “We-are-the-99%” video…

Courtesy of Bret over at T.B Rickert’s Call blog, we now have a video rebuttal to yesterday’s disgusting California Teacher’s Union video.

BUT, if you haven’t yet seen the ORIGINAL, please go to yesterday’s post and check it out now. It’s mandatory for everyone to know exactly what we’re up against…


Watched it? Still a little numb? Can’t believe they’d show that to kids, right? Do me a favor: just keep that in mind next time I warn you about the Teachers Unions, okay?

Anyway, here’s the video rebuttal, which is pretty decent.

Hope this helps bring your blood pressure down a couple of points after yesterday….

7 responses to “A REBUTTAL to the recent CA-Teacher-Union / Social-Justice / Tax-the-Rich / “We-are-the-99%” video…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    While I appreciate the gentleman’s rebuttal video, let’s be honest: the dimwits who watched the first one and went “OH YEAH! NOW THAT’S THE TRUTH”, don’t have enough synapses firing to even comprehend the rebuttal, or if they do, they’d reject it out-of-hand as “Right Wing Propaganda” funded by those wascally wich people.

    It’s a long road back to sanity in this Country. Just saw that a recent Pew Poll showed that the number of Americans believing that we are a “Great Nation, and a superior culture” now represents a minority….

    Time for “apology tour” number 2…..

    • Don’t give ’em anymore ideas, Pgh!

      It will be a long way back, it’s true. This certainly didn’t happen overnight. But stuff like this, and especially the original video, need to be seen. There are too many folks who know in their hearts what is happening but just throw their hands up and say, “but, what can I do??”…and go on.

      Well, for starters, they could not SEND THEIR KID TO THESE SCHOOLS.
      There are private schools, there is Homeschooling, and there are states which have an active Voucher system. There is even being a royal pain-in-the-rump to your Public School teachers and Administration, as you advocate for your kid.

      It’s not convenient, and it’s certainly not easy. But sometimes that’s what it takes. The Easy path is the path the Progressives WANT us to take.
      But if we do, we have only ourselves to blame.

    • I have to say I agree. If it isn’t in 3-4 words or in an outrageous picture that shames them, it doesn’t count for much. And always remember they have no conscience. Even shame is not always possible. Maybe flaming them is the only thing they’ll pay attention to. They aren’t like pols who need the public support to run for office. In fact, the more outraged and disgused we are, the happier it makes them. A minority?….and lets hope they aren’t right.

  2. Josph Goebbels would be proud…

  3. Pa had a fair school voucher bill that looked like it would pass. In the end the Teachers’ Union (I heard the nasty lying ads on the radio) took it down. No we have what’s called Corporate Tax Credit Sponsorships. And the Pa vouchers were only for the kids in the worst of the schools in the cities. 😢

  4. I spent most of my life in Chicago, where nearly forty percent of the public school teachers send their children to private schools. Perhaps it is to shelter them from things like the first video.

    I thought this was an excellent rebuttal. However, I’m sure it will be lost on the vast majority of those who would rather be watching “reality TV.”

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