“Social Justice” called, and it wants your children. Now.

The problems with our country’s Public Education system are myriad: the schools themselves are often not safe, and far too often fail to provide even a merely passable education. But I’ve said many times prior that Public Schools are no longer seeking to educate our children, but rather to inculcate them. Just think of the videos you’ve seen where kids are singing praise to Obama (or his policies), as just two examples out of thousands.

Public School Education is now explicitly driven by the Progressive Agenda. Whether we’re discussing sex-ed, or marginalizing religion, or freedom of speech: it’s all Left wing values that are being communicated.


Proof? You want more proof? Okay, you asked for it…


First of all, there was an article on Canada’s Macleans.com about a month ago which discussed Public School Education in both Canada and the United States. They get to the heart of the problem here:

 “…just a handful of examples of the more peculiar by-products of a vision gaining ground among many education architects: an elementary school education rooted in social-justice principles. Increasingly, faculties of education in Canada and much of the Western world are preparing their student teachers to weave social justice throughout the primary school curriculum—in math and science, language arts and social studies, drama and even gym—as well as into a range of cross-curricular activities, events and projects. The idea is to encourage kids to become critical analysts of contemporary issues, empathetic defenders of human rights and gatekeepers of the beleaguered Earth.”

Social Justice“: the battle-cry of the Left. You’ve heard it from the Occupy Movement, the Unions, and the Environmentalists…and every other Progressive, Statist, Left-leaning identity group. And now it’s in the schools, out in the open, daring you to try to stop it.

Behold: A new video produced by the California Federation of Teachers, courtesy of Breitbart.com. This is a MUST WATCH:

The video is almost too much to stomach, but it is highly illustrative. First of all, it’s nothing BUT social justice, from beginning to end. It’s not a lesson so much as a series of hammer-blows communicating one idea: Rich People are BAD. End of story.

Personally, I thought the part at 2:52 where they have the eeeeevil, greedy, Rich Person literally urinating on the “99%” was rather a nice, subtle, artistic touch.

***UPDATE *** (12/6/2012 — It seems that the producer(s) figured that if they took out the offending “Rich-Guy-pees-on-everyone-else” scene, it would be All Better. Ummm, …no.  But, here’s a ‘still’ from the original edit. Isn’t that sweet??)


This video is almost laughable in its utter dishonesty, and yet it’s been approved by a State Teacher’s Union. And the fact that this will likely be incorporated into Obama’s newest intrusion into Public Education should certainly cause you to lose at least one night’s sleep.

Oh, by the way, if the narrator sounded familiar, he should: it was über lib Ed Asner, who I’m pretty sure is also a solid 1%-er. Just sayin’…

Ed Asner

Please consider this yet ANOTHER reminder why it’s so important to know everything that is going on in your child’s school. If my kids were ever to attend a Public School (they won’t…), you better believe every one of their teachers would know my voice.

And my e-mail.

And probably my car, too.

Because this is a battle over our children’s minds and hearts. Education determines much of their thoughts and values, forever. If our kids aren’t important enough for us to teach them these things ourselves, then we deserve what we get when the State offers to teach them for us.

33 responses to ““Social Justice” called, and it wants your children. Now.

  1. Education begins AT HOME……or at least, it SHOULD. But, JTR, as you’ve consistently pointed out, it’s not one thing over another. Rather, it’s the CULTURAL ROT that is degrading society on all fronts. The radicalism of the 60’s brought “free love”, promotion of drug usage, and the “women’s movement”. It also brought the deterioration of the family unit, where, it became cause du jour for BOTH parents to work (or single parent homes), leaving the care and upbringing of the children to either a TV set or a stranger.

    I’m constantly amazed how SO MANY still look to the government as the solution to everything, and are willing to entrust their health, lifestyle, and children to a group of people who can’t even deliver your mail without operating at a LOSS.

    • Agreed, Pgh.

      As I know you haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, I’m anxious for your reaction to it. It is simply not to be believed.

      It’s extreme, even by the Left’s standards…

      • livinrightinpgh

        And here I thought Ed Asner was dead! Well…..from the clip you can surmise that it’s likely only “dead from the neck, up”: no brains and it sounds like he’s talking through his _____. (And NO, I don’t mean Michael Moore.)

        In days gone by, I might have become upset over such a clip, but now, I’m more inclined to just laugh at them. It’s pathetic.

        Asner is probably miffed because he’s only worth $1.5 million, and it was those greedy rich people who didn’t pay him enough when he made a living by pretending to be someone he wasn’t . Now, he’s just pretending to be intelligent.

        • Glad you could laugh. I stared slack-jawed at the screen for about 10 minutes.
          I’m actually STILL a little stunned.

          If THIS is education, then the classic scene from “Marathon Man” is just a normal dental appointment.

  2. Community school education ain’t like LIttle House on the Prairie anymore.
    When I was on FB, there was a group: Conservative teachers. They taught me a lot about what is going on in our schools now. There’s also something called ‘Common Core’ from the UN. It’s being used right now in many states in the US. It’s insidious. http://conservativeteachersofamerica.com/
    If not us, who; if not now, when?

  3. Frankly, I am overwhelmed at the situation and the onslaught with secular/liberal agenda growing and being pushed on children in public education. Not having kids myself, I can only imagine what kind of perplexing issues all of this must raise for concerned and well informed parents.

    For my part, as I said, I am more and more overwhelmed almost everyday with what I see going on in our education and culture, and it is not as if I was born just yesterday. I feel that before I can seriously weigh in on the issue anymore, I need to get more up to speed on the issue. I see the effects, but something makes me think that I really don’t have a clear understanding of the cause. I used to think I did. Now I am not so sure.

    So thanks for doing your part, JTR, to keep us abreast of the issue. I know a lot of parents who are at a total loss right now when they have to deal with their kids over the conflicting issues between what they have learned at home and what they are getting taught at school. It is an incredibly thorny issue right now.

    • You’re welcome, James….and you’re right: it IS a thorny issue.
      There is no clear cut, “Right” way to do it.
      BUT, there most certainly is a WRONG way…and it just happens to be the way it’s being done currently.

      I’m not 100% against Public Education, per se, but as prevalent as the Left-wing, Progressive agenda is in ALL aspects of teaching (from Kindergarten on), I just couldn’t risk it. As my post indicates, this is being deliberately inserted in EVERY subject…which makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.
      We need to either take our kids OUT of the schools themselves, or take the schools over. With the Teachers Unions being in charge, however, option “B” is pretty unlikely. Thus, we chose “A”.

      Glad I could be a resource for you, partner. That link that Tannngl just included looks like another one which I will be checking out more fully tonight…

  4. “Sex Ed” my a**.
    This is STRAIGHT UP PORN-O-GRAPHIC!!!!!!!!

    Yeahh!!! Right-wing all the way!!

  5. I’m spreading the word as much as I can and how wrong social justice is. I’ve had quite a few opportunities to say something. This is JUST PLAIN WRONG! It’s starting at the preschool level. Luckily, I’m at a Christian preschool and we’re doing our own thing.

    • Even a Christian school isn’t totally safe.
      Safer, yes…but not completely.

      Teachers, parents and kids: they ALL need to know and look out for this dreck.
      Want to know how our country has fallen this far, this fast?
      This. It’s not the only reason, but it’s one of the top three.

      Good to see you, Di!!

  6. “But..but ‘social justice’ sounds so…noble! How can it be anything but good??” whines the naive and uninformed average Joe. And he’s right, it does sound innocent, righteous. Doublespeak is here to stay.

    • “The Ministry of Truth has spoken.
      IngSoc is doubleplus.
      To say otherwise would be ungood, and risk a visit from the ThinkPol….”

      Winston Smith should have learned this, too.

  7. That was perhaps the most depressing video I have seen this year. Not because of the factual misstatements it contained – but because I believe the authors believe them. And they are the ones “educating” our kids. Horace Mann would be turning over in his grave.

    • I somehow missed your comment last week, Juwanna.
      My apologies…

      And yes, you’re right, I believe the authors DO believe them…wholeheartedly. That’s why they feel justified to “teach” our kids such crap.

      It’s up to us: we can either just sit back and take it, change the schools, or take our kids out of ’em.
      But just throwing our hands up in the air and saying “what can we do?” (as so many millions of parents do) isn’t a viable alternative.

  8. I couldn’t watch the Tax the rich video. It’s now private, somebody doesn’t want it seen. The scary thing in looking at the numbers is a good portion of the parents approve of what their children are learning. If you are under 40, you were most likely taught the liberal agenda.Conservative really need to go back to school, to win the future.

    • FIXED it, Bret. Please watch it…

      Had to find another copy.
      And if they get rid of this one, I’ll find another.

      EVERYONE needs to see the crap they are trying to “teach” our children.

      • Thanks, I think.. This has got to be one of the most digusting things I’ve seen, but you’re correct it has to be seen.

        • Agreed, completely.
          Even as jaded as I am at this point, …I was STILL dumbstruck. Last night, Mrs. TurnRight watched it. When it got to the “Trickle Down” part, she turned to me and said, horrified, “They’re showing this to CHILDREN???”

          And yes, they are.

          Once upon a time, didn’t we used to hear how “even-handed” &/or “non-partisan” topics like this should be handled?
          Not any more.
          To say the Progressive Left is emboldened right now is an understatement:
          it’s more like they’re all high on Bath Salts…

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  13. I’m a K-12 homeschooled kid. At the time I didn’t understand why my parents did it. Looking back I would say it’s possibly the greatest life decision they ever made for me. I didn’t have someone telling me how to do things because my parents often didn’t know themselves. I lost count of how often my mom would say “I’m not sure what the answer is but let’s figure it out together.” That alone was a huge educational breakthrough because it taught me how to think and figure things out on my own.

    It also strengthened our family bonds in a world that is trying to break the family apart.

    Thinking for yourself? Strong family bonds? No wonder I’m conservative and no wonder the politicians have often fought against homeschooling.

    And that is my rant for the week! 🙂

    • I’m apologize for being tardy with a response on this one, DD. This past week kicked my tail…

      You’re right: homeschooling has been a blessing for us so far. An expensive and time-consuming blessing, …but a blessing, just the same.
      My kids will know more history, be better writers and thinkers, and should be overall better prepared to handle most of what they’ll face in the world.

      It’s not easy, but what’s the old saying? Oh, yeah: “…nothing worthwhile in life ever is”.

      Thanks for being here, DD!

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