Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ is marching on. YOU can stop it.

COAL. Along with natural gas, coal is an American energy source which is affordable, proven and incredibly plentiful in our country.

Which means, of course, that Obama wants to kill it.

What else?

Not scary enough for ya? No problem: we’ve covered this before, in detail:

That new 30-second ad arrives on the heels of a recent article by two Representatives in U.S. Congress, Shelley Moore Capito & Bill Johnson. Writing in ‘The Hill‘ blog, they detailed one thing: President Obama’s disdain for all things Coal.

“Since taking office, President Obama and his extreme EPA have issued new rules and regulations that are crippling the coal industry. In the weeks following President Obama’s inauguration, his administration was already in the process of rewriting the Stream Buffer Zone Rule – a rule that took 5 years to codify under the previous administration. President Obama’s rewrite of this one rule would cost tens of thousands of direct and indirect coal jobs.

New and costly regulations on coal-fired power plants are on their way. This “Train Wreck” of new EPA regulations has already caused companies like AEP and FirstEnergy to close coal-fired power plants throughout Ohio and the East costing jobs in places where unemployment is staggering. Also, President Obama’s EPA has taken actions toclassify coal ash as a hazardous material. Coal ash is used in drywall, concrete, and even bowling balls.

There’s no denying that we want clean air and clean water. But the President’s policies in no way balance protecting the environment with protecting jobs.”

Congress must have read their article, because the U.S. House of Representatives took a vote the very next day:

19 Democrats joined with their GOP counterparts in the House today to vote in favor of legislation aimed at keeping coal plants open. The 233-175 vote is the last House lawmakers will take for the next seven weeks, as they now head back to their districts to campaign for the November 6 elections.

The Stop the War on Coal Act, H.R. 3409, introduced by Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio), would prevent the Obama administration from enforcing or instituting any new regulations on coal producers until at least the end of next year.

And, of course, Guess Who has already threatened to veto this Bill?


So, if ANY of this is important to you, your family, your town or your way of life…..you know what to do:

Pass it on….

19 responses to “Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ is marching on. YOU can stop it.

  1. They want to push more expensive energy solutions to cater to the environmentalist people and care little for the cost to everyone else. We need an all-in approach when it comes to energy to keep cost down, not against anything that can be used.
    The problem is some things like Coal and Nuclear are just cheaper to create energy so they make it hard to compete. They are also pushing this because the people who support Obama aren’t in coal, they are in the alternative energy field so it helps with his agenda to spread the wealth.


    • Totally agree Blaine.

      The Green Lobby has this Resident’s ear, and he gets their $$$$.

      He won’t be satisfied until we can’t drill for oil, mine coal, or use fracturing for natural gas.

      If that’s not radical, I don’t know what is….

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Interesting story this morning on the radio regarding the HUGE sums of pension money that Algore has directed into failed, or soon to be failed, “Green energy” ventures….namely, the California State’s Teacher’s Pension fund. Guess we taxpayers will have to watch another “stimulus” be channeled into shoring up THAT failed investment.

    Obama has committed to expanding green energy fiascoes by killing nuclear power expansion, denying our ability to drill for our own oil, and taxing coal fired power plants out of existence. Marking coal ash as a hazardous material is how these weasels attack an industry through overbearing regulation and fines.

    The Prevaricator in Chief has a new commercial out about Romney’s so called involvement in 1,000 jobs going to China. How about a Romney ad on the jobs lost in coal, in Gulf oil drilling, etc?

    Carter may have been the south end of a northbound horse, but this guy is destructively deviant on purpose.

    • Well, the ad I included was on coal, from the Romney camp.

      If you check out the 3 linked posts at the top, I have other vids, clips & ads, as well.

      Keep telling EVERYONE about this.
      We are not merely a nation in decline; we’re actively committing suicide.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Sorry, partner….don’t always get to view all of the clips due to this darn JOB I have to do….LOL!

        The extreme environmentalist movement is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing attack on capitalism and our economy by those who want us “in the dark” like every other 3rd world country.

        • Not a problem, Pgh. The clip is only 30 seconds, so watch it if you can.

          And the Left has been pushing their end-of-the-world scenario for so long now (remember the imminent Nuclear Winter we were certain to have?), maybe they just feel compelled to hasten its arrival??

          If we in effect outlaw energy (other than windmills, solar panels, & unicorn poo), we’ll be closer to that vision than I care to imagine…

  3. The harm to coal miners, their families, and their communities is just collateral damage in saving the planet to the green elites in the EPA and other extreme environmentalist. As I write this, layoffs of hundreds of miners are about to go into effect in Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. This has been a direct result of over-regulation and a corruption of the permit process by the EPA.

    In recent court cases the EPA has been reversed and strongly rebuked for their actions but the damage has been done and there is no recourse against the gutless, faceless bureaucrats that say “oh well” then sit down and plan a new attack on coal with impunity and the unlimited resources of the government.

    Do not be comforted by the rise of natural gas because that is next on the Green chopping block.
    You see, you have to drill for gas so good luck getting a permit for THAT.

    • Wonderful comment, Hatfield, and appreciated.

      It’s true: coal could actually be regulated out of existence, and we’re sitting on a King’s Ransom of the stuff.

      Today’s EPA: here to do all the things that Obama can’t get done from the Executive Branch.

      • Another sad thing is that these nitwits believe they have “freed” these miners from indentured servitude and now they can begin new meaningful lives.

        They will point to the “This (coal) is all we know” line from the ad as proof of the bondage. However, what is the difference when someone from farming country says farming is all they know?

        Fact is the people whose lives are turned upside down or ruined are not a thought or afterthought in the green pogroms.

  4. Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    Hell, Carpentry is all I know. Wonder if the housing market will come back.

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