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Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ is marching on. YOU can stop it.

COAL. Along with natural gas, coal is an American energy source which is affordable, proven and incredibly plentiful in our country.

Which means, of course, that Obama wants to kill it.

What else?

Not scary enough for ya? No problem: we’ve covered this before, in detail:

That new 30-second ad arrives on the heels of a recent article by two Representatives in U.S. Congress, Shelley Moore Capito & Bill Johnson. Writing in ‘The Hill‘ blog, they detailed one thing: President Obama’s disdain for all things Coal.

“Since taking office, President Obama and his extreme EPA have issued new rules and regulations that are crippling the coal industry. In the weeks following President Obama’s inauguration, his administration was already in the process of rewriting the Stream Buffer Zone Rule – a rule that took 5 years to codify under the previous administration. President Obama’s rewrite of this one rule would cost tens of thousands of direct and indirect coal jobs.

New and costly regulations on coal-fired power plants are on their way. This “Train Wreck” of new EPA regulations has already caused companies like AEP and FirstEnergy to close coal-fired power plants throughout Ohio and the East costing jobs in places where unemployment is staggering. Also, President Obama’s EPA has taken actions toclassify coal ash as a hazardous material. Coal ash is used in drywall, concrete, and even bowling balls.

There’s no denying that we want clean air and clean water. But the President’s policies in no way balance protecting the environment with protecting jobs.”

Congress must have read their article, because the U.S. House of Representatives took a vote the very next day:

19 Democrats joined with their GOP counterparts in the House today to vote in favor of legislation aimed at keeping coal plants open. The 233-175 vote is the last House lawmakers will take for the next seven weeks, as they now head back to their districts to campaign for the November 6 elections.

The Stop the War on Coal Act, H.R. 3409, introduced by Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio), would prevent the Obama administration from enforcing or instituting any new regulations on coal producers until at least the end of next year.

And, of course, Guess Who has already threatened to veto this Bill?


So, if ANY of this is important to you, your family, your town or your way of life…..you know what to do:

Pass it on….

Battling the Big MACT

Lost in the shuffle of all the recent election wrangling has been the EPA’s assault upon the coal industry. The EPA’s new arbitrary rule, the Utility MACT (“Mercury and Air Toxics”), is having a chilling effect upon one of our primary sources of energy. We’ve previously seen what other Obama EPA officials feel their job is, so this isn’t exactly a surprise.

This time, EPA regional Administrator Carl Spalding speaks honestly, maybe too honestly, about the likely impact of the EPA on the future of coal.

Check out the video below.

Catch that?

“But know right now, we are, we are struggling. We are struggling because we are trying to do our jobs. Lisa Jackson has put forth a very powerful message to the country. Just two days ago, the decision on greenhouse gas performance standard and saying basically gas plants are the performance standard which means if you want to build a coal plant, you got a big problem.

That was a huge decision. You can’t imagine how tough that was. Because you got to remember that if you go to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and all those places, you have coal communities who depend on coal. And to say that we just think those communities should just go away, we can’t do that. But she had to do what the law and policy suggested. And it’s painful. It’s painful every step of the way.”

Is this even arguably necessary? Does this make ANY sort of financial sense? For an accurate answer, I’d strongly suggest you visit Wesley Coopersmith over at FreedomWorks blog. There’s really no way to summarize it, and I don’t want to repost the whole thing here. I can, however, copy his summary sentence:

“What the Utility MACT rule would do is expand the already vast powers given to the EPA by the Clean Air Act, increasing red tape and imposing billions in new costs on the economy.”

I don’t know about you guys, but that certainly sounds worthwhile to me……


Along with the Catholic Church’s fight against Obamacare, this attempted power grab is one of the biggest fights for freedom in the country. If the EPA can basically cripple entire swaths of the energy industry completely on their own, don’t imagine that this will be the only time they do so.

It will have just begun.

Raked over the Coals

This is the 2nd post that we’ve done on this topic (…here’s the first one).

I lived for a number of years in a Coal state (West Virginia) and am sympathetic to the plight discussed here. By any measure, the Obama Administration’s targeting of the coal industry seems deliberate. And, by setting arbitrary levels of mercury output, they are virtually begging for the law of “unintended consequences” to rear its head.

A quick quote from Heritage.com:

The EPA is proposing to force power plants to reduce mercury by 90 percent within three years—at an estimated cost of $11 billion annually. A significant number of coal-fired plants will actually exceed the standard—by shutting down altogether. Indeed, grid operators, along with 27 states, are warning that the overly stringent regulations will threaten the reliability of the electricity system and dramatically increase power costs.

Just like candidate Obama promised.

If you get your livelihood or your power from coal plants, President Genius has a message for you: tough.

He didn’t lie, I guess. This is change.


In Obama’s crosshairs: COAL

Get prepared to pay a whole lot more for your electricity if the EPA wins this one.

From fuelfix.com:

Analysts predicted early retirement for some coal-fired power plants when the Environmental Protection Agency issued new limits on emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants last year.

The first challenge to the regulations, however, has come from developers of a power plant planned for Matagorda County, about 90 miles southwest of Houston.

Developers of the White Stallion Energy Center say the federal rules, formally known as the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, cannot be achieved with existing pollution controls and, thus, prevent them from securing financing for the $2.5 billion project.

The company has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to review the rules. Several others have followed its lead and now are part of one consolidated case.

“It is an unrealistic expectation for us to meet a mercury level that we cannot measure,” said Randy Bird, White Stallion’s chief operating officer.

Yep, much like the fines levied on companies that supply motor fuel (which we covered in Another FINE mess), the U.S. Government is once again arbitrarily setting a standard which cannot be met, deliberately, with the ultimate result being a loss of jobs and higher energy costs for everyone. You’ll forgive the coal industry if they feel that they are being targeted a tad unfairly.

From timesnews.net:

KINGSPORT — Speakers at the Eastern Coal Council’s annual conference charged Monday that President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is at war with the coal industry and killing the economy with burdensome regulations.

“It is, in fact, a war on all fossil fuels. … Coal just happens to be the first one in a long list,” U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., told more than 100 conference attendees at the MeadowView Marriott. “Coal is taking the brunt of the hit right now from the current administration and its (EPA) administrator, Lisa Jackson.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Bill Kovacs said there are now 154,538 pages of EPA regulations. “If the agency wants to get you, they can get you,” Kovacs said.

Since March 2010, 350 energy projects with a $570 billion economic impact and 1.9 million jobs haven’t been able to get EPA permits, according to Kovacs.

Gee, is it any wonder our unemployment levels aren’t going down?

This is getting old. The Obama Administration seems hellbent on attacking as many different aspects of our economy and society simultaneously as they can, which limits how much attention can be paid to any one of them:

  • Fast and Furious,
  • Obamacare,
  • Coal,
  • fracking,
  • the ‘War on Women’,
  • blocking voter ID laws,
  • gay marriage,
  • the NLRB’s anti-business, pro-union lawsuits,
  • our unprecedented national debt,
  • illegal immigration in Arizona…

and the list goes on. Really, what exactly are these dunderheads doing that ISN’T harmful?

For a quick (5 minute) update on where we are nationally in this battle over coal, please check out this video which I first viewed over at The Fearless Conservative blog (thanks for the video, Rob!!). Obama’s government minions aren’t slowing down, which means that we can’t, either.