SMART METERS: simple upgrade, or Tool of the New World Order?

I am not a conspiracy guy, and it’s not like there’s a shortage from which to choose:

  • The Kennedy Assassination?
  • The Twin Towers?
  • Black helicopters?
  • Buffalo’s inability to win a major sports championship?

Naahhh, not my cup o’ tea….

But, there is ONE area where the naysayers have been brushed off as conspiracy kooks, and judging from a confluence of recent events, I’m beginning to think it looks a lot less like a conspiracy theory, and a lot more like a conspiracy likelihood:

The Smart Meter.


First of all, we have this recent story:


In Naperville, IL, two mothers were arrested last week for refusing to allow utility workers to install controversial smart meters on their homes. The city’s new Naperville Smart Grid Initiative requires new, controversial smart meters to be installed in every home. 


Many opponents to the meters worry about the type of data the smart grid will collect, opening up a potential for hackers and criminals to know when residents are home or not. Also, because the meters work on a wireless RF system, some are concerned about health safety in their home. Reports of health risks due to the meter’s wireless transmitter’s emission of electromagnetic frequencies surfaced in 2011. People with the meters installed on their homes reported symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, and DNA breakdown.

Now to me, these concerns don’t appear to be odd whatsoever. They actually sound quite similar to the symptoms which some people experience from living near Wind Turbines, another marvel of the Eco Movement.

Even the Smart Meter proponents sound a little creepy in the way they describe the meter’s benefits. For instance, one “benefit” that is highlighted is that a Smart Meter supposedly “increases privacy”, since no one needs to visit your house. But in this age of ID theft, SKYPE and computer hacking, how many of us are more worried about the Meter Reader coming by, vs. the invisible eyes that may-or-may-not be hunting for our personal information electronically?

Somebodys watching Me

But if I’m not just seeing connections where they don’t actually exist, then I have to hand it to whomever thought it up: this is brilliant. It’s devious, demented and incalculably EVIL…but still brilliant.

We all know that Obama and the Left have been trying to close down as many coal power plants as possible for years. Considering how much energy we obtain from coal, the obvious result is less available energy. And then, as a direct result of the very situation which they caused, the Left can argue that Smart Meters are suddenly of “national security” importance, since we now have a diminished energy capacity and only Smart Meters will enable us to properly maximize our energy usage. Thus, everyone will HAVE to comply.

Like I said: brilliant, if true.

Obama - According to Plan

“….Yesss… YESSSS…… My plan is coming together PERFECTLY…!!!! BWAA-Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa…..!”

Now I don’t think my fillings are radio transmitters, or that my neighbor is a KGB spy (…that was my previous neighbor…). But the video below is more than a little discomforting.

Think about it: Obamacare, the entire light bulb fiasco, the recent full-court press for gun “control”, and a few dozen others I could mention, all feel eerily similar to this. Does any of this appear as if our leaders are acting with the Consent of the Governed?

It’s when I consider all of these things together, that this Smart Meter controversy doesn’t seem crazy to me in the least.

Does it to you?

16 responses to “SMART METERS: simple upgrade, or Tool of the New World Order?

  1. This issue has concerned me for a few years. We don’t want a smartmeter but how do we stop it? Not sure a certified letter nor a signed warning on my current meter will do it…

    • Not sure, either. I know there are a number of protest groups in PA.
      But as to if they’ll be effective, …no idea.

      I swear: it’s like facing the Borg, but rather than being attacked from outside, they’ve taken over from within.

  2. What do you want to bet that later it starts rationing the power for you?

    • Oh, I’m 100% sure that’s the whole idea.
      I can see the letter now:
      “Dear ____ Utility Customer: It has come to our attention that you are using 115% of your peak-time allowed energy usage. You will be billed at the punitive rate of 500% of your normal daily rate for your failure to observe Decree #178363, and risk having your energy use revoked indefinitely.
      Have a nice day!”

      A cabin. The woods. The Yukon.
      It’s all looking mighty attractive to me right now.

  3. Our water meter is a smart meter. Nobody asked us if we wanted it. Haven’t noticed a problem until this month when there was a huge unexplained increase in our usage. Customer Service tells me there must be a dripping faucet or running toilet to account for the 40 percent increase. I am aware of none. So we’ll see on next month’s bill, and then I’ll tell you what I think of the conspiracy theory. Right now, nothing would surprise me.

  4. How do you know if your water meter is a smart meter, godbooklover?😱

  5. Hatfield beat me to it. Without the smart meters, if TPTB wanted to cut down on your “excessive” use of power, they would have to pun ish your neighbors by cutting their power too.

    • Hatfield was BORN to use Twitter, and he’s not on.
      I swear, the 140 character limit would be 40 too many for him.


      As for concern about my neighbors on the part of the Power Company, I’m guessing that’s not an issue. They don’t appear to be asking for Customer Feedback, IYKWIMAITYD…

      When they eventually get to my neighborhood, THAT should be interesting.
      I’ll try to remember to set up a camera ahead of time; I may have my hands full.

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