Obama in 2007 (video): President Demagogue strikes again

A video which was unearthed by the Daily Caller debuted on Hannity last night.


We’ve covered our distaste for the current president’s policies for a long time now. And before Chris Matthews even gets warmed up: it’s not a race thing. President Pander could be white, fuchsia or plaid: I. Couldn’t. Care. Less.

I was just as opposed to Bill Clinton, …and Al Gore, John “Universal Soldier” Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, …and a host of others. Kindly note that the racial trend in this list (and I can add to it, no problem) doesn’t actually help the whole “racist” angle, unless I’m severely biased against rich white folks.

The only racism that I see bandied about is the accusation of  “Racist” towards Conservatives &/or Republicans from the Media and the Left.

We’ve proven this, many times over.


The video above doesn’t flummox me with Obama’s praise for Jeremiah Wright. Everyone knows he loves Wright (remember ‘Audacity of Hope’?), and threw him under the bus only when the association became problematic.

No, no…what made me throw-up was the blatant, naked, glaring, rhetorical sop Obama made in the New Orleans address. The “you’re being discriminated against” tone was obvious and nauseating. What’s more, that is clearly not President Obama’s normal speech pattern, verbiage, or accent. It was as if he was simultaneously channeling Al Sharpton and Malcolm X, with just a dash of Chris Rock thrown in.

This has always been Obama: deliberately divisive; a rabble-rouser; a racial provocateur.

This, as in all of the other manymany instances which we’ve covered, is yet another lie. Obama’s character, background, economic policy, foreign policy, scandals, dead ambassadors, cover-ups……all lies.

Demagoguery, lies and condescension: This is Barack Obama.

I don’t need any new reasons to vote this epic blight on the United States Presidency out of office. But: some of my neighbors do, and probably some of your neighbors do, as well.

As I said yesterday, you know what to do.

10 responses to “Obama in 2007 (video): President Demagogue strikes again

  1. No big shocker that the media was covering for him, they have been doing this from the start of his campaign in 2007. The tone of this speech is clear, and they don’t care about you because you’re black, no matter what they say.

    The federal government sent 110 billion dollars to the effected areas of Katrina and only 20 billion to NYC. They also sent another 6.9 billion with no strings attached. Do you think the national media will report that?


  2. livinrightinpgh

    ALL of his (our SCOAMF Prez) ramblings, positions, and views were available for vetting back in 2007/2008. But Chris “Meltdown” Matthews, et al, couldn’t care less about WHO the man truly was. Heck, after the election, we even had 2 big name MSM’ers ask: “What do we really know about this guy?”. Ummmmmm….MAYBE you should have looked into that a BIT earlier?

    But…THIS is what the MSM IS today. No journalism. Only spin, cover-up, and promotion of Obama’s lies. But, sadly, I GET that, and expect NO MORE from them. They’re incapable of real, unbiased reporting.

    What roasts my almonds are the abject FOOLS who just take whatever series of words coming out of his blabbering lips as fact.

    This election will show us how successful 50 years of racial turmoil by the likes of Jackson, Sharption, along with the sickening dumbing down of our public school kids, has been.

    • It’s gonna take two things, Pgh:
      Prayer …coupled with Action.

      If we can EACH nudge at least one person off of the fence and allow them to ‘discover’ the disastrous results of this man and his administration, we’ll have done our jobs.
      If you can nudge MORE than one, you’re in the bonus.

      Time to get to work.

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Can’t WAIT to hear the line of questions thrown at the two candidates this evening. Calling Wolf Blitzed, calling Wolf Blitzed! Time for your stupidity and bias to shine!

  4. The man wants revolution…. Be careful, he may get what he wants (as per Tucker’s last line).

  5. Obama in 2002:Wealthy embrace nonviolence because ‘they want to make sure folks don’t take their stuff’ http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/03/obama-in-2002-wealthy-embrace-nonviolence-because-they-want-to-make-sure-folks-dont-take-their-stuff/ another video from a 2002 speech in Chicago.

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