MSNBC finally agrees with Humble Blogger about Hillary’s alleged “popularity”…

Hillary-Clinton 444

Feel free to consider this as just one, long, self-serving “I Told Ya’ So”, …’cause that’s pretty much what it is.

A few months back, I wrote a post called “The Non-inevitability of Queen Hillary“. Some folks openly disagreed with my premise, while others figuratively crossed their fingers and hoped I was right. But few (…none, actually, as I recall…) came out and echoed what I thought was patently obvious: Hillary is quite simply a supremely non-appealing candidate.

“Inevitable”? Not hardly. She may be the most “evitable” candidate, evah…

Mrs. Clinton is not a “natural”, nor a particularly effective, communicator. As strikes go, those are two biggies. In point of fact, Hillary comes across as insincere to all but her most ardent fans, which her current nightmarish book tour has only served to highlight. Her laugh (cackle) is easily one of the most grating sounds on Earth, and I have personally witnessed reptiles exude more innate warmth.

And here’s the kicker: Clinton’s been able to call her own shots and exert the maximum amount of control of her message possible on this tour, and yet it’s STILL been a disaster.

Translation: it’s only gonna get WORSE from here on out.

 Yes, that’s MSNBC saying that the “more that she’s in the public spotlight, the LESS the public seems to like her”.


Which brings us back to my original post from earlier this year. I’m even gonna copy it below, to save any Hillary fans the trouble of having to click a hyperlink.

What can I say? I’m a “Giver”…


“The Non-inevitability of Queen Hillary”

(originally posted March 27, 2014)

Whenever I hear breathless talk of Hillary-in-2016 being a foregone conclusion, I have to admit: I chuckle. Loudly. And no, it’s not because I’m naïvely avoiding reality. Quite the opposite, in fact.

No, any fears I could have from the thought of a Clinton 2.0 presidency is assuaged by common sense: she’s not nearly as popular as the progressive intelligentsia would have us believe.

First of all, we’ve been down this “inevitable” road before. Second are Hillary’s longtime ties to Obamacare, as well as her husband’s. If she thinks those factors will be a net positive for a 2016 presidential bid, I sincerely hope she has the strength of her convictions and runs on ’em. Please.

But thirdly and most importantly of all is this recent poll from Gallup:

Gallup Poll

The order of the answers is deliberately deceiving, so make sure you look again. The TOP answer to the question is actually listed at the bottom. So the most given response to what would be “the best or most positive thing about a possible Hillary Clinton presidency” was, tellingly: NOTHING.

And the second most given response is “NO OPINION“.

So the poll respondents were torn between:

  • I have no idea“, and
  • nothing positive would come of electing a President Hillary“.

Inevitable? Not so much.

And as for whose fault this all is, well, I think the best answer to that is provided by Hillary herself:

Hillary - What difference


8 responses to “MSNBC finally agrees with Humble Blogger about Hillary’s alleged “popularity”…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    It cracks me up. Seriously. Here you have Hillary and Barry, both coddled and adored by the MSM and yet the American people just simply don’t “connect” with either of them. It took the MSM 4 years of berating Bush 43 to drive his ratings down. Hillary, by virtue of simply being HERSELF has continued to sink in the favorability polls.

    Frankly, I WANT her to be the nominee for the Dems in 2016.

    That sound you’ll be hearing will be the vaunted Independents, and the remaining few conservative-leaning Democrats running to the Right.

    • …”running” being the operative word.

      Actually, it’ll be likely worse than that, as she’ll ALSO depress turnout. It’ll be the 2012 “Romney” effect, just on the Left.
      And without Romney’s quality-of-character offset.

      Oh, yeah: this’d be just awesome……! 😀

  2. All the reasons why she “took a break” from her book tour.
    Oh yeah, and the fact that her book is one big epic fail.
    I was at Costco today, “Hard Choices” was stacked high and Dinesh D’Souza’s book “America: Imagine the world without her” was on its way to selling out.
    How long do you think it will be before Costco pulls Hillary’s book for poor sales like they claimed with D’Souza’s?
    You don’t have to answer, we all know the correct response.

  3. the old curmudgeon

    I have some Republican friends who registered as Democrats in the primary (what the heck year was that?) to vote for Obama ’cause they thought Hillary would be a shoe in and Obama couldn’t possibly get elected. Now they’re reaping what they have sown. Never try to beat the experts at their own dirty game!

  4. Good call. Besides they are trying to get the good ship Lizzy out of the harbor w/ Hillary on the bench. She doesn’t do well on “the bench”, does she? .She’s got baggage and negatives, but she refers to that as “experience”. Warren just has stupidity. (not gifted at speaking either)

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