FLASHBACK: The Non-inevitability of Queen Hillary

**(UPDATE: November 10th, 2016)**

Was I a Trump fan?   Uhhh, …that’d be No.  

Was I vastly happier that Hillary LOST?  Oh, great googily-moogily: Yes, Yes, Yes.  

And based on what I’ve read, it looks like this post ended-up being oddly prescient. Of course, I admit that I didn’t count on the whole damn country in essence ‘flipping the bird’ to the entire Political Establishment on BOTH sides, but then again I’ve never maintained to be Nostradamus Jr.. 

But when ya consider that Hillary lost to the only Republican candidate whom she could have POSSIBLY beaten (and yes, I’m including “Jed!” in there, as well), well, …this was pretty solid.  

Huh. Go figure.


Hillary-Clinton 444

Whenever I hear breathless talk of Hillary-in-2016 being a foregone conclusion, I have to admit: I chuckle. Loudly. And no, it’s not because I’m naïvely avoiding reality. Quite the opposite, in fact.

No, any fears I could have from the thought of a Clinton 2.0 presidency is assuaged by common sense: she’s not nearly as popular as the progressive intelligentsia would have us believe.

First of all, we’ve been down this “inevitable” road before. Second are Hillary’s longtime ties to Obamacare, as well as her husband’s. If she thinks those factors will be a net positive for a 2016 presidential bid, I sincerely hope she has the strength of her convictions and runs on ’em. Please.

But thirdly and most importantly of all is this recent poll from Gallup:

Gallup Poll

The order of the answers is deliberately deceiving, so make sure you look again. The TOP answer to the question is actually listed at the bottom. So the most given response to what would be “the best or most positive thing about a possible Hillary Clinton presidency” was, tellingly: NOTHING.

And the second most given response is “NO OPINION“.

So the poll respondents were torn between:

  • I have no idea“, and
  • nothing positive would come of electing a President Hillary“.

And I don’t see those opinions changing in the future, …unless they get even worse, of course.

11 responses to “FLASHBACK: The Non-inevitability of Queen Hillary

  1. the old curmudgeon

    I do hope you’re right, bro. But if the last two presidential elections taught me anything, it’s this: Never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public. That, or never underestimate voter fraud. Probably both.

    • Oh, the Voter Fraud thing is a VERY real concern. But that has nothing to do with Clinton: that’s just the Democratic machine, and the machine always picks the person they can elect most easily.

      I don’t think that’s gonna be Hillary, not by any measure.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Curmudgeon!
      And keep the faith, brudda… 😀

  2. Seriously, if Clinton doesn’t run and it’s 50-50 right now, the front runner will be, you guessed it, Joe Biden.

  3. livinrightinpgh

    With regard to the “she’d be the first WOMAN President”, I think we all saw from 2008 what happens when you elect a President based on them being the “first” of ANYTHING, as opposed to actually being QUALIFIED for the position. Voting for Hillary because she’d be the first woman in office is about as stupid as voting for Obama in 2008 BECAUSE he wasn’t white.

    As for Ms. Rodham-Clinton, I put NOTHING out of consideration when it comes to her machinations to get into the Oval Office. The “racist” card will be harder to pull on her this next time around.

    Still, I find it “interesting” to think that she could actually be sitting behind the very desk in the Oval Office where her husband and Ms. Lewinsky, well, …you know…

  4. Sooner or later won’t the public get sick of her faux smile? Let us hope.

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  7. Not even the votes of the dead, or the votes of illegal immigrants, could overcome the movement. Trump certainly did NOT create the movement, but he certainly tapped into the disgust of “The Deplorables” and everyone else who is FED UP with the political status quo.

    The next 2+ years with the Republicans having control of Congress and the Presidency will be interesting. If they can enact meaningful change, they’ll crush the Dems in the next election.
    And if they do what Republicans in power have been all-to-apt to do in the past (WIMP OUT), then they will have authored their own demise.

    Let’s be honest:
    there is NO middle ground anymore between the Left and the Right. If Republicans can ‘grow a pair’ and enact what needs to be done, quickly, I’m eagerly anticipating the whining from the Left when they’re smacked in the face with the same tactics they used just 8 short years ago.

    …’Cause what comes around, goes around:
    “We don’t mind (them) joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.” – BHO, 10/25/2010

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