How did I manage to miss this?? #Disney’s “Paperman”

PAPERMAN - by DisneyPictures222

All thanks to our buddy Tom over at “Quiner’s Diner” for bringing this to our attention.

I have two sons, and so generally I’ve watched (or I’m at least passively aware of) most animated offerings. Which is why having this one slip under my radar is a touch disconcerting.

PAPERMAN - by DisneyPictures777

Apparently, this was the warm-up act for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, back in 2012. I’d at least heard of Wreck-It Ralph, but was inexplicably ignorant of the sweet and touching Paperman… until now.

It’s from Disney, so it’s not as if it was made by some backwater unknown production company, and released in the dead of night. Heck, it even won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, and I still never heard of it??

How did this happen? Where was I?



It’s beautifully rendered, and for an extra-special touch of nostalgia, it’s done entirely in black-&-white. Honestly, it may be the nicest little vignette I’ve seen since the first few minutes of ‘Up.

So do yourself a favor: turn up the sound, sit back, …and enjoy:

6 responses to “How did I manage to miss this?? #Disney’s “Paperman”

  1. I remember seeing this before, but can’t remember where.

  2. godsbooklover

    I’ve not seen Wreck-it Ralph, but can’t imagine it’s anything like this…what a delightful piece! Completely Pixar-worthy…in fact, I wonder if the storyline is from Pixar folks…sure feels like one of their shorts! Thanks for sharing this, bro. I’d never heard of it either.

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