HILLARY! – The Poor Little Rich Girl

HILLARY poor-little-rich-girl-111

I’m begging: please, please, please let Hillary run in 2016.

The former Secretary Of State just kicked-off her book tour, but unfortunately (for her) the clip below may turn out to be the most memorable sound bite she’s had since her 2013 mega-hit, “What Difference Does It Make?”:

Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark, especially among your preferred voting demographic.

Sorry, Hillary. You singing “Nobody Knows… The Struggles I’ve Seen” sets new standards for insincere.

C’mon: you and Bill were “struggling” to pay for your “homes”, you said? Homes? As in: Plural? And they weren’t just any homes, either.

“Struggling”, Mrs. C? Not even close.

Because “struggles” indicate pressure as well as doubt: doubt that you can get something done. You guys didn’t HAVE any doubt. First of all, you were a whiz at trading cattle futures, as I recall. Plus, your situation was made just a tad less tenuous via the decades of moneyed connections you EACH possessed from your previous careers.

Furthermore, upon leaving the White House you then had direct access to an entire new swath of folks who were only too eager to assist you in any/all financial endeavors. Sorry, Hill, but that ain’t “struggling”. Trying to portray your situation as “Dead Broke” is almost amusing, although folks who’re flipping a coin tonight over whether to pay the mortgage or buy food may not think it’s all that humorous.

I’ve always found it fascinating that wealthy liberal despots love to portray themselves as populists. From Fidel Castro to Michael Bloomberg, from Al Gore to Hillary, from Nancy Pelosi to Ron Leibman’s character in 1981’s ‘Zorro, the Gay Blade‘: they all love to pretend they are “From …The People!!”. But they’re lying. All they’re really doing is trying to use their faux credibility to distract from the suffocating grip of the State, and even as they themselves are surrounded by an opulence that most of us can only imagine.

Which is why having Hillary attempt her “we-were-struggling-as-we-entered-the-million-dollar-lecture-and-banquet-circuit,-and-y’all-know-how-THAT-is,-right?” claptrap is better than if she’d cut a campaign ad for every Republican in the country.

Speaking of better: today she came out and tried to “clarify” her earlier remarks. This just in: it didn’t help.

Hillary - Poor Little RIch Girl

A few months back, we had a post on why Hillary was an extremely flawed presidential candidate. I can summarize that entire article in one sentence:

“The essential problem with a Hillary candidacy is that it’ll require having Hillary as the candidate.

Clinton has already demonstrated her fatal weaknesses last time around. What’s more, those weaknesses haven’t lessened with time, and she’s added brand new ones in the interim.

Yet now in light of her latest version of Bill’s “I feel your pain” schtick, I can only repeat what I said at the very beginning: HILLARYPlease RUN!!

Speaking as a citizen: RUN.

And as a conservative: RUN.

And as a blogger, who’s clearly anticipating another 2+ years of material about which to write: RUN.

A nation (not to mention the entire Republican Party) is counting on you.

17 responses to “HILLARY! – The Poor Little Rich Girl

  1. I’ve always told my kids that if there’s any place you want to be poor, it’s the US. The “poor” here are wealthier than most of the world, as Hiliary can testify.

    • As I recall, Sam Kinison once did a whole routine on people from other parts of the world (Iraq, I believe) aspiring to be ‘Homeless In America’ for that very reason.

      And even then, Hillary’s wealth and (more importantly) her influence, gives her an elite status that most of us will never comprehend.

      I don’t begrudge her, or anyone, their millions. But she and her ilk need to stop trying to take the few nickels I’ve earned for my family as she “spreads the wealth”, and then attempt to justify her Street Cred with tales of how they struggled post-Presidency.

      That’s just insulting. And when MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is saying you are “tone deaf”, as a liberal you should be very worried indeed.

  2. I don’t want her to run. I just want her to go away…..far away.

  3. Daddy, Daddy, why is Hillary running (across that field)?

    Shut up and reload.

  4. How does anyone take what this woman says seriously anymore? It’s going to be a long, hard to take campaign season if she decides to run.

  5. livinrightinpgh

    She’s a walking, talking, living, breathing GAFFE machine. I’m offering my services, free of charge, to the RNC if she runs in 2016. I just want to be in charge of putting together the commercials against her candidacy. The problem MIGHT be that there’d be TOO MUCH stuff to use…..

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  7. Hillary vs Biden-bring it!!!!

  8. I’d LOVE to watch that, Jenni.

    Like watching a boxing match, where you want both players to just beat each other senseless.

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