“Why #Benghazi Matters” – Bill Whittle

WhittleIt’s been quite a while since we’ve featured Mr. Whittle here, but hopefully this entry will make amends for our negligence.

Seems that he’s found a new home for his ‘Firewall’ video series, too, and added some snazzy production elements to his normal flawless delivery.

In the clip below, Bill walks us through exactly WHY obtaining the truth about the 2012 Benghazi attacks is so essential to our country: Competence, and Character. Those are the two most important qualities of our elected officials, and they had the primary role in how Benghazi was handled (as they will with the “Benghazis” of the future).

Men or women lacking in either quality are unfit to lead, period. You need look no further than the current Administration for proof of that:

(**And for more of Bill’s new ‘Firewall’ videos, go to TruthRevoltOriginals over on YouTube)

5 responses to ““Why #Benghazi Matters” – Bill Whittle

  1. livinrightinpgh

    As usual, Mr. Whittle NAILS it!
    This administration is the least transparent, most manipulative, and divisive regime we’ve ever had in office. Add to that their complete lack of respect and adherence to the Constitution, and you ARE seeing the “transformation” of government that Obama promised in 2008….

  2. We have a responsibility to make this government follow through on this investigation and carry it to its conclusion.

  3. the old curmudgeon

    Let’s not forget “Fast and Furious”. The VA thing is just a distraction. It’s always been lousy. But Benghazi and F & F are the ones to nail them to the wall.

    • It has the least direct connection to the White House, so in that regard you’re right. The IRS and Benghazi I believe are the worst, with FnF trailing, but only because of a dearth of evidence.
      Holder has successfully had much of it buried, …probably literally.

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