The Rise of the Thought Police

Thought Police

When the State doesn’t wish you to express your dissent, they simply make dissent illegal.

See? Problem solved.

Of course, such a tyrannical move is usually only seen in oppressive, fascistic regimes. To which I say: “Welcome to Obama’s America, ladies and gentlemen”.

By the Treasury Department’s issuing a diktat that businesses would have to certify, under penalty of perjury, that any and all staffing changes have nothing to do with ObamaCare (h/t Ed over at, they are now making the Federal Government the arbiter of not only people’s actions, but the rationale for their actions.

In short, they can be found either guilty or innocent …for their thoughts.

Apart from the Treasury having no such power, this also forces you to attempt to prove a negative, which is utterly impossible to do. Whereas previously a business owner could make adjustments to their employee rolls based on the entirely reasonable realization that Obamacare compliance will hurt their business, they must now either:

  • eat the lost profits, thus risking their entire business,
  • or lie to the Federal Government…

…thereby risking a federal perjury charge. To quote Chris Stirewalt: “To avoid ObamaCare costs, you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs.”

If anyone is having flashbacks to Orwell’s Thought Police, rest assured: you’re not alone.

As the video pointed out, the Administration got all sorts of bad press when one business after another said that Obamacare directly influenced their decisions to cut payroll. With this new “rule”, that’s gone: if a business says that they reduced staff as a result of Obamacare, they can well expect an up-close-and-personal visit from their local Treasury Official.

Dissent? WHAT dissent?

If the use of ‘1984‘ as metaphor seems overused these days (and that fact alone is telling), try this one: we’re now being thrust into an updated version of the Salem Witch Trials, only now folks won’t have to merely prove they’re not one of the devil’s agents.

Rather, they need to prove that they were not responding to market forces, but were acting on, oh, I don’t know, …the stages of the moon, perhaps, or due to the voices in their head. ANYTHING, as long as their actions weren’t a result of their logically trying to keep their business afloat.

paying bills

Perhaps worst of all, the president’s recent ingenuous remarks on the subject are chilling in their blasé-ness, as if this were some minor afterthought, instead of an upheaval of basic equality before the law:

Yep, he’s just trying to “make sure that nobody is unnecessarily burdened”. Other than those pesky business owners, naturally.

Hey, here’s an idea: what about if we applied the same benchmark to Obama’s assurances that he has now imposed on us? Yes, PROVE to me, Mr. Obama, that the “purpose” of your law “is not to punish“.

What’s that? You can’t prove that, you say? You mean, we’re just gonna have to “trust” you?

Seriously, Mr. President, isn’t it a bit late for that now?

12 responses to “The Rise of the Thought Police

  1. What we’ve learned from this quasi-dictatorship known as the Obama Administration is this:

    While the STATED purpose of the law (translation: what we want our allies in the media to push) is not to punish these businesses, the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the law will be to strong-arm them right out of business if they don’t comply. Or, WORSE YET, if companies actually put the blame where it belongs when it comes to reducing hours or staffing, we will most CERTAINLY have to make “inquiries” into your business dealings (Think: Body cavity search).

    Welcome to the inquisition.

    • Well, honestly I think it’s intended to be a gag order. You can’t say anything, and when asked you have to deny that’s why you’re doing it. Then the Administration will trumpet the news “We asked ’em, and they all SAID they were just scaling back because of the weather in Capistrano” or some such nonsense.
      And of course the media will echo it, and another talking point is born.

      Won’t have to punish many too folks before the rest gets the hint.

      Lefties like to call conservatives “fascists”, although conservatism is the exact opposite of fascism.
      Now they have it being performed right in front of their eyes, and they’re busy examining their navels…

  2. You are such an excellent writer, JTR 😀

  3. Just another totally unbelieveable step into Amerika. Communist Amerika.

  4. GP posted about this a bit ago…

    My comment on GP was this:
    “If businesses cannot say that it is due to obamacare that they are cutting staff and hours of their employees, than the masses will blame business’, not obama and his administration, for the lack of jobs. Most people are not scholars and they do not know WHY the economy is like it is, all they know is they cannot find a job. When they are told “no, we have no openings due to obamacare”, than they are given knowledge of why they heard “no”. This administration does not want the average person to know WHY they can’t get a job, can’t afford food, utilities, daily living expenses… they don’t want the people to know it is the fault of government. This is not only to hurt business, it is to keep the people in the dark… numb and dumb.”

    • It’s classic misdirection, Teach. Do one thing, but point to someone else at the same time. It’s basic: even petty criminals do it in order to avoid getting caught.
      Unfortunately, this Administration seems more adept at it than even your most practiced street criminal.

      By the way: your comment over at Gateway Pundit was spot-on…

  5. “The Though Police, they live inside of my head…”

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